Ratings plugin update

RatingsI deleted the ratings plugin and re-installed it from scratch.  I didn’t lose the previous data (ratings) as I was led to believe would happen.  I was also unable to reproduce the error it was generating the last couple of days.  So, hopefully, no one else will have that problem either. 

Please let me know if you notice any peculiarities with the rating of posts or comments.



4 thoughts on “Ratings plugin update

  1. Oops, I posted this on another comment, but by reinstalling the plugin you’ve undoubtedly updated to the latest version and should be ok now.

    You’ve probably fallen foul of WordPress 4.5 and jQuery 1.12.2
    Apparently previous versions of jQuery were released with a syntax error in the library and all the developers wrote code around it.
    The latest version of jQuery has fixed that syntax and WordPress 4.5 uses the new, fixed library.
    Unfortunately, an awful lot of plug-in and theme devs have not been so quick to comply and update their products so the interwebs are rife with half-broken sites at the moment.
    Update all your plugins and themes to the latest versions and hopefully things should go back to normal


  2. Everything seems to be working fine, although I don’t use the ratings either. I just sit in silent judgment of your every move. ;o)


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