B&P Link Dump

Blizzard 2016How far away is Mars?

Outrageous things North Korea has ‘invented’

The World As 100 People

5 Word Conspiracies

Blizzard 2016 photos:  here here here  Right arrow


Why We Have a Silent B

Homeless man with golden voice gets new gig

100 best infographics  Interesting stuff here

Conan O’Brien’s touching tribute to Abe Vigoda

The Dark Underside of the Show-Dog World

A woman who thinks she’s a cat

Ranking The NFL’s 11 Worst Owners

Dog comes 7th in half marathon

A polite note to the guy who keeps stealing my car

Man shoots himself underwater to prove a scientific principle



3 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. Homeless man with golden “vice”?? Where do I get one of those? All of my vices are rather common and pedestrian….

  2. The weirdo who says she’s a cat?? Sounds pretty legit. If a man with a dingledangy can say he’s a woman, a white woman with white parents can say she’s black, and a 50 yr old man can leave his family to live as a 6 yr old girl, why not? We just need to drop her in a litter box with rubber walls.

    I wonder if the woman who married the dolphin has gotten pregnant yet? I suppose she’ll give birth to a wombat who thinks he/she’s a ’73 Pinto.


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