Friday Firesmith – The Islamification of the Republican Americans

Friday firesmithI’m not sure when or where or how Islam became what it is in its current form. There’s a billion or so people who claim to be Islamic and, despite what you might hear, not all of them are terrorists or support terrorism. I’m fairly certain most of them wonder how on earth things got to be as screwed up as they are, and I’m equally certain there’s a good many who wonder how to stop it from getting even worse.

This has been an interesting presidential election here in America. Despite the fact that the man has said some things that are way of the charts of civilized behavior, Donald Trump continues to lead in polls that suggest that Republican Americans want to hear the language Trump is speaking.

The reality of it all is that Trump isn’t saying very much at all that makes sense but the other candidates are saying even less and Republican Americans are sick to death of their party standing for one thing on the campaign trail yet doing quite another once elected. President Obama, who the Republican Americans truly hate, has outmaneuvered the GOP lead house on the Affordable Healthcare Act and Planned Parenthood with practiced ease.

Nearly nothing that has been reported about Planned Parenthood is true but like the burning of the Koran to the Islamics, abortion is one of those hot button lose your mind and forget about reason topics that Republican Americans love to hate. Now, the Death to Planned Parenthood movement is picking up the same sort of rabid fan base as those people who shoot cartoonists for drawing Mohammad has. 

Donald Trump, in exploiting the twin weaknesses of the American election process, which would be unregulated campaign money and a grossly uninformed electorate, has inadvertently shifted an already disgruntled and rattled right wing party hard and away from middle ground on many issues, and severely to the fringe on hot button lose your mind and forget about reason issues.

I started noticing this about three months ago when reading comments on the internet. No topic was so far away from the Planned Parenthood issue that some wingnut couldn’t connect it and Obama in a single sentence. The myopic focus is just about what you’d expect from those people who think women should be stoned in public because their family pissed someone off in the village.

Colorado Springs Officer Garrett Swasey was murdered because of this mindset. An anti abortion Christian, who nevertheless put service to his community and his country first, Swasey was on the first to die when some moron brainwashed by the never ending jihadist rhetoric of the Internet and talk radio of the far right Republican Party decided to start shooting.

Now, we discover, it’s not enough to merely oppose abortion, or vote your conscious, oh no, now the Islamified Republicans have decided that there are no civilians, there are no innocents, and only murder serves the greater good.

How long before someone wearing a Trump hat flies a plane into a building?

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70 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – The Islamification of the Republican Americans

  1. Domestic terrorism, that’s what it is. I don’t care if the perpetrator was white, brown or what, if he committed a terrorist type act then he is a terrorist. The Republicunts only add fuel to the fire.
    Everyone seems to love Trump because he speaks his mind, so does Bernie Sanders, but his isn’t filled with racism and hate.


    • Right on the money on this one. People fail to realize that Trump is the next Hitler!

      They also don’t see that he lies and if the lie doesn’t fly well then he immediately blames the lie on someone else or says that he never said that when they have him on video saying/doing what he just distanced himself from. And yet the millions of supporters he has are all out there worshiping their new Fuhrer. The man can make fun of handicapped people and nobody drops support for him! It’s sickening what America has become. A nation of IDIOTS.


  2. That’s the thing that bothers me the most, Chick. The “death to anyone who disagrees with me” type thinking.

    We’ve seen what it’s done to people in many place yet talk radio never seems to stop, does it?


  3. Billions of followers of Islam, will tell you it’s a religion of peace and love.
    Christians will tell you it’s a religion based on loving thy neighbor as thyself.
    Neither is lying. The problem is not religion.

    There was/is/will be, people who are mean, violent, dangerous, and just crazy.
    If one of these wackos goes on a rampage and says the Martians told him/her to do it, you roll your eyes and dismiss it. If they say electronic rays leaking through their tinfoil hat made them do it… eye roll. But if they say Jesus/Mohammed made them do it, you not only believe it, you believe everyone else who embraces that religion must be a whacko killer too. By that logic, since almost everyone murdered in the US is killed by an American, then all Americans must be killers.

    Politicians, and the bag-men behind them, use this ignorance to divide and conquer. Trump is a master of making outrageous claims, carefully calculated to reinforce a fer-us-or-agin-us attitude. If a far righty and a far lefty actually discussed problems and solutions, they would probably agree on 95%. But as long as Trump and the rest of the politicians, can keep that 5% in the headlines, using built in biases against certain labels established by the media and pundits, there’s no danger in the voters demanding action on the other 95%. The government doesn’t work because of voters, not politicians.
    Voters being played, don’t even know it, because it says so on his hat.


    • Bruce, what you say is true but you cannot ignore the mechanisms in place to radicalize people. The Christians who were bombing one another in Ireland in years past ( anyone remember that?) were led down the same path the followers of Islam went down to crash planes into buildings and the same path that some moron took to Planned Parenthood.

      THe lyrics may be different but the song remains the same.


  4. So let me get this straight. A man whom you admit is deranged shoots up a Planned Parenthood clinic, and you impute that he was radicalized by right wing internet and radio, and particularly Donald Trump, even though no one but the shooter knows his thoughts or how they developed. You blame the attack on reckless political rhetoric and in the same article suggest that a “Republican American” might fly a plane into a building. Surely the irony is not lost on you. You are a pathetic writer and a worse thinker, Firesmith. Good thing you’re irrelevant. Time to pull the plug on this jackwagon, Jonco. Just sayin’.


  5. To correct you on a few things:

    The “Affordable Care Act” was passed when the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate (and, of course, the White House). Even though no Republican voted for it, it passed–and we all get to reap the benefit of lost policies and fast-rising expenses.

    Planned Parenthood: provides little to no healthcare; for instance, none of its facilities even can do mammograms as they do not have the equipment for it. Also, it was started by a eugenicist–so you know where it is coming from.

    If the 12 or so hours of undercover video exposing how PP abortionists work carefully to cull baby parts are false, then why is PP no longer charging for those baby parts? Link:

    There are other, true, health care facilities that people can go to to get actual care–so why should about 30% of PP’s income come from tax money? There are 665 PP facilities and 13,540 non-PP health facilities in the USA.


    • fast-rising expenses

      Actually rising rates have been slowed down considering prior to the ACA. However, it should be noted, had the Public Option been kept in the bill, those rates would most likely be much lower today. However, the fact remains they will continue to rise as long as healthcare institutions still control pricing.

      provides little to no healthcare; for instance, none of its facilities even can do mammograms

      They provide plenty of healthcare. Take off your misogynist hat and actually ask those who use the clinics. As for mammograms, they do refer and sometimes bring in mobile services for that.

      it was started by a eugenicist

      The two aren’t related. Sanger started the concept to provide women with the ability to control the size of their families. It was based on her belief that her mother died because she had too many children. Aside from the fact that eugenics was a popular theory at the time, it was not a matter of practice for her clinics.

      why is PP no longer charging for those baby parts

      The initial charges existed only to cover costs. No profit was made then or is now. What they do with fetal tissue is legal and can only be done with the consent of the mother. Creating false hyperbolic lies in order to fortify your stance doesn’t help your case when the facts exist to contradict you. And using a heavily edited video (that has been proven to be misleading) only weakens your defense.

      There are other, true, health care facilities that people can go to to get actual care–so why should about 30% of PP’s income come from tax money? There are 665 PP facilities and 13,540 non-PP health facilities in the USA.

      And if they are non-profit (which benefits the low income area who often use them) they get portions of their funding from the government.

      You need to stop looking at an issue through a drinking straw and understand the entirety of an issue. Not to mention, you need to accept facts that contradict your beliefs.


      • how can someone be so consistently wrong about everything and why continually broadcast their ignorance? m sanger was a white supremacist who wanted to get rid of blacks by killing unborn black babies. (an activity pp continues to this day)

        if they werent charging for baby parts (brains, other organs) why’d they claim theyd stop?
        they were violating the law by altering timing & procedure of abortions to get top dollar specimens. as well as consent violations.

        tell us about your favorite abortion you were party to.

        that cost rising slower BS was BS when barry first trotted it out


  6. Tim:
    The Affordable Care Act (based on a Republican plan) has provided health insurance to millions who would not have had insurance. If so many states (like Kansas) hadn’t refused federal monies to boost Medicaid it would have helped many more. Sure it is not perfect but to just yank it now would put those millions of low income people back into the emergency rooms for their healthcare.

    Planned Parenthood provides desperately needed services to low income families. No, they do not provide healthcare, that is not their mission but they help those in need find healthcare resources.

    The undercover videos have already been proved false. Just get over it. And if you don’t think those false videos didn’t trigger the attack in CO then pull your head out of the sand.

    Again, PP is not a health provider, they provide counseling on .. surprise .. parenthood which includes birth control, sexual diseases, etc.


  7. Trump is a demagogue. He’s “huuuuge” with the bigots. He appeals to the conservative’s need for an Authoritarian government. It doesn’t matter that he has no real policy or details on how he’ll govern, he’s “daddy” who will make everyone safe.

    This ad: has more truth to it than I care to admit.

    The right live in fear of everything. Their propaganda networks push fear, their people in government say the same thing. Fear is their only plan. Ever hear of how they’ll bring jobs? Sure they say we need jobs, but their only plan to do so is cutting taxes on the rich — who take their money and invest it in the market for themselves — not for jobs.

    The Colorado Springs shooter was repeating the exact same words that have been repeated by the GOP and the Fake News Network bobble heads. To think he wasn’t steered into his action because of them is suggesting that advertising doesn’t work. (And if advertising doesn’t work, explain how it’s a billion dollar industry.) It’s not much different than the lying blowhard who kept pushing the “Killer Tiller” meme on his show. Remember when the DHS issued the report about Right-wing extremism? (a report that began under Bush, no less). Naturally the right had a cow, but these mass killers all have the same political leanings as the report suggests. Naturally, the right wing pundits all make up stuff that the killer is a transgendered liberal (based on a clerical error). When that fails, they just stop covering the story. The right wing has their propaganda machine just as much as the foreign terrorists do. They both manipulate the same types of personalities.

    But all this stuff is nothing but a distraction. The conservative politicians love it, because it means they can avoid real issues, because they would rather talk about fear, which these instances help keep thriving. It goes right back to what I was saying in your last post, it’s about “those people”.

    “Those people” are trying to kill you. “Those people” are taking your jobs. It simply means they can avoid explaining how they have no answers for things that really matter, and the low information voter simply falls in line. Because fear is a product of ignorance and hate is an inability to understand.

    The problem now, is the GOP’s propaganda network, that pushes hate and fear, created the base that Trump is riding, and now fear he is tarnishing their brand.

    As if it had any redeeming qualities before Trump.


  8. “You say you’re a Christian ’cause God made you
    You say you’re a Muslim ’cause God made you
    You say you’re a Hindu and the next man a Jew
    And we all kill each other ’cause God told us to”

    Give it a listen, Michael Franti and Spearhead


  9. Donald Trump represents a whole lot of people who represent what’s wrong with America! Because a loud-mouth-lying-draft-dodging-spoiled-brat-moron-ass-clown who hates everybody is what they want!

    If he gets elected, then ‘Murica deserves him!!!


  10. Islam is a violent philosophy. Abrogation is a procedure in the Koran to instruct followers which passages trump the others. The system dictates that the more bloody violent twisted passages of the Koran supersede those passages that are peaceful. These terrorists aren’t radical, they’re fundamental, devout.. This system is also why so many times the Jihadists win internal theological debates as well as why you don’t see throngs and mobs of people protesting in the street for the terrorists defaming their religion. In Islam, the Jihadis are their monks, their ascetic holy men. Until you and the rest of the ostriches realize that Islam is the problem, that it needs a reformation, a Mohammed Luther.. this will continue because it exists at the black twisted heart of Islam. This was a religion created not by a wandering monk, or an devout philosopher looking for enlightenment. It was created by a dictator and blood soaked first millennial warlord looking for conquest and domination. As to the crazed weirdo in Colorado, he claims he is a Christian that doesn’t believe in the bible, as well as a registered female independent voter..
    BTW Farook listed his political beliefs as “very liberal”


    • Daedinth.

      If it’s such a violent philosophy then why aren’t there more people out of the billion or so that are killing?

      If you read the Old Testament it’s filled with bloodshed but you never really hear of the Baptists going of and killing a bunch of Methodists.

      What you do hear about is someone who has flooded their brain with hatred and exclusion to the point they go off the deep end.

      Religion is a poison no matter which way the pressure lies, but like alcohol or Justina Beaver music, it’s usually not fatal.

      It’s when someone soaks in it, yes, that is when we start having weirdness.


      • Christianity has its own kind of abrogation in testaments of the acolytes of a Jesus of Nazareth. This trumps the more violent passages of the Torah, unlike the Koran. Just as not all Christians are required to become like Gregorian monks, not all Islamists are required to be suicide bombers. Notice however, the uproar compared to drawing cartoons, vs the murder of unarmed innocents in the name of their faith. Do you see the terrorists burned in effigy by mobs in Pakistan, Lebanon, Indonesia? Until there is a reformation you will continue to see a large amount of attacks on those of other faiths and no faith. Speaking of no faith, the countries and populations who profess such have murdered or enslaved and tortured more then the mad mullahs ever could hope for. Also just because I defend Jews and Christians and point out the evils of atheist and Islamic societies and philosophies, does not mean I am or am not a follower of any or none of the above.


    • BTW Farook listed his political beliefs as “very liberal”

      Yeah, on his dating profile, and we all know how honest those are.

      As for Islam itself, until you study theology, you really have no valid opinion on any religion outside of your own.


      • You have no idea what my own might be. I could very well be an atheist. You also have no idea what formal study I may have had in the humanities.


  11. Mike,
    I have never read so much from one person that continually gets things wrong. “brainwashed by the never ending jihadist rhetoric of the Internet and talk radio of the far right Republican Party”. That statement is the epitome of (willfully) ignorant thinking and writing. Brainwashed? Really?
    Your progressive-left dogma is showing.



    • I have never read so much from one person that continually gets things wrong.

      Thanks for reading me so much. I don’t require that anyone agree with me at all, and in point of fact, Jon makes out so much better when the people who disagree with me show up in force.

      You see, Mark, no matter what people think of me the fact that I say the things that I say forces them to either surrender the site to what I’ve said or respond. They could always boycott me, not say a word, and eventually the lack of readership would cause me to leave.

      Yet my words are deliberate and my experience with the internet leads to to believe that no one will ever stop reading anything they disagree with as long as they can react to it.

      I can even point this out publically and people will still rise to the bait.

      And thus, I prove my point that people are going to be influenced by the media, even me, if it is presented in a manner consistent with formula that has worked time and time again.

      Scary, isn’t it?


  12. All I can say is I come to bits and pieces DAILY to get away from the drama of our world. The LAST thing I need to see is a diatribe of political bashing on this page. If I were you, Jonco, I think it’s time to retire Mike and Friday Firesmith.
    It’s fricking bad enough that my favorite Men’s magazine (Playboy) will no longer feature naked women (read… goodbye to my 41 year subscription), I don’t need my daily laff site to take a dump too. Thank you. Sincerely, your friend Jody



    P.S. The line, “You might see some comments that make no sense” tickled me. Well DUH!


  14. Friday Firesmith is one of my favorite parts of this site. It’s the first thing I look for on Friday mornings when I fire up my computer. I’d be disappointed if it were to disappear, as I have been on the couple of occasions when it wasn’t posted on time. I stop by here every day, usually more than once, as I do all the other sites that Jonco hosts. No one forces me to, I come here because I enjoy it. Mike and I usually see eye to eye on most things. I find his commentaries well written and intelligent. In my opinion if anyone doesn’t enjoy them, they don’t have to read them, the internet is vast. Surely you could find something else to read.
    Don’t mind the naysayers Mike, you have a fan base. I’m certain you are far too mature to let them get under your skin.


  15. Sabatina James. You can google her if you think she’s made up or from some conservative right wing propaganda.
    The video below is from a TED conference.
    This is Islam. Moderate Islam and not some extremist aberration.
    Is this really what we want in America for our children and grandchildren?


    • I don’t think we want it but there are some people who do want it. They just cannot have it here. Which, not to put too fine a point on the subject, is why we can’t have any laws promoting any religious beliefs. Which is why when the Islamic Republicans start talking about god and planned parenthood and women’s rights, we ought to eliminate one of the three and be happy we can.


        • “Were” is the operative word. The individual in the TED video converted. However, the point being from the original post suggested she came from a moderate Islamic family, which was not the case.

          Always with the ad hominem. So sad you can’t put together a cohesive thought or a valid argument to support any of your delusions.


    • Don’t speak opinions on things you don’t have any credible supporting facts on.

      Of course that would render you a mute. Which is a good thing.


        • One, you admit to lying with your original number.

          Two, you still cannot provide any credible evidence to back up your new claim.

          Three, you lost this debate a long time ago, since all you have is ad hominems.


          • ~300,000 abortions (+ however many you were participated in) out of ~3million customers.

            thats from pp’s numbers

            i’m sure all your cats think youre doing great here, but thats about it


            • Planned Parenthood said that it “provided nearly 11.4 million medical services for 3 million people”. Its fact sheet says it performed 327,166 abortion procedures. That would mean that roughly one out of every 10 clients received an abortion. That comes out to 3% of their services.


              • and Bob’s Chevrolet gave away 1000 balloons and 1000 hotdogs last weekend & sold 60 cars so selling cars is 3% of their business.


    • Yep. Debunked. Meaning, the video is a lie. Which is why every investigation into the Planned Parenthood facilities in states doing so, came up with nothing, just like you.

      At least I provided what is essentially a legal document since the information was from their annual report. All you have is fabrication that has been proven to be full of lies. And again, I posted proof of your lie.


      • there were multiple videos, all of which you refuse to watch. those were actual pp employees making those statements. debunk that. why is the continued mass killing of black babies so important to you?


        • Doesn’t matter if I watched them or not. They have been debunked, because they were massively edited to create the lie you wish to believe in.

          Only a tool would be so easily manipulated to believe a video that has been proven to be false.


          • hahahaha
            an admission: you have no clue what youre talking about.
            the unedited videos are available but youre afraid what they contain will hurt your pro abortion narrative. your hands are bloody


            • Me watching a video doesn’t change the fact that the videos are a lie. The narrative is, the video is a lie. I watch it. It’s still a lie.

              Wow, you are a solid poster child for Dunning-Krugar.


              • no your not watching the videos excludes you from offering opinion on said videos. you merely parrot opinions of other fans of aborting babies (disproportionately black babies). interesting that you admit youre completely dependent on others for your views, no burden of actual independent thought on your part, makes your head hurt or something. haha

                you think SUVs heat the earth & bruce jenners a girl too, i’m sure.


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