Shameless Plug Sunday

Shameless plugFrom time to time we open up the B&P Shameless Plug Line, where you can plug your own website.

Tell us about your site in a couple of lines and give us a link.

 Limit to 2 links please for those with multiple sites and no XXX stuff.  Other rules and disclaimers here.

What’s your shameless plug?


14 thoughts on “Shameless Plug Sunday

  1. Not exactly a website, but one of my photo albums.
    I enjoy taking mostly candid shots of people in public places, like festivals, fairs, and parks. I call it street photography, some might call it stalking lol. Most of the kids in the photos were shot with the permission of a parent, either before or after, and I’ve happily offered and given the photos to several of them.
    There’s a few shots of fellow B&Pers in this album also, taken in STL and ATL.

    • Every now and then I go and browse your photos DJ. You have some talent as a photographer, my friend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bad Newspaper loves Bits & Pieces! There’s a new subsidiary, called BAD STAT: statistics that -ahem- stretch the truth. I’d be interested if your viewers like it, Jonco! Thanks for all you do!

  3. Krisgo Checking in! My sites are: – I like to think of this as “Bits and Pieces Jr.” or “Bits and Pieces: the teenage years” – a little bit younger and snarkier. And of course, – daily entries of crafts, recipes and projects that I like and think you will too!


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