Halloween Open Mic

Halloween open mic2

Weather: Warming up a bit after a few chilly days.  All and all not bad for the beginning of November. Still haven’t turned the furnace on even when the low was in the upper 30’s a couple nights ago.

Forecast oct 31

Knees:  My knees are much much better this week.  What a difference a few days make.  There’s no rhyme or reason for them to get that bad nor to get that much better in just a few days. It baffles the mind.

Weekend plans:  I have a funeral to go to Saturday afternoon and then a Halloween party in the evening.  Sunday is a birthday bowling party for another friend.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis.  What’s going on in your world?

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13 thoughts on “Halloween Open Mic”

  1. Jonco, you may have to move on over to Kansas City. Best Cities to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse In.


    Most Likely to Survive:

       1. Boston, Massachusetts

       2. Salt Lake City, Utah

       3. Columbus, Ohio

       4. Baltimore, Maryland

       5. Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia

       6. Seattle, Washington

       7. San Diego, California (wahoo!)

       8. Kansas City, Missouri

       9. Denver, Colorado

       10. Indianapolis, Indiana

    Least Likely to Survive

       44. Las Vegas, Nevada

       45. Providence, Rhode Island

       46. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

       47. Jacksonville, Florida

       48. Miami, Florida

       49. Chicago, Illinois

       50. Riverside/ San Bernadino, California

       51. Los Angeles, California

       52. Tampa, Florida,

       53. New York, New York

    • I’m just about through season 2 of The Walking Dead binge I’m on. So, I’m getting lots of tips on how to survive.

      • Do not read anything about the show! Something crazy just happened in season 6. News just came out today that there will be a seventh season so it’s likely the big storyline from the comic will happen. Season two was actually the weakest in my opinion, but it does move the story forward.

        • I hear that before about season 2. I don’t care for the three main characters Rick and his family but like everyone else. I don’t think it’ll hjappen but I would lose any sleep if the other two got eaten. Not sure what you mean abvout the “comic” but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

          • Walking Dead was a comic book first (first issue). While things don’t always happen the same as in the comic, the storylines are pretty close. Those us us who read the comic have a fairly good idea of what’s coming.

  2. Trick-Or-Treat just ended here. Had about 60 kids, down a couple dozen from last year.

    I fluff up my (platinum) beard, put on a red sweatshirt, small reading glasses and Santa hat, and pass out candy canes. Makes the older kids laugh, but the faces on the young ones is priceless.

    Parents have told me that when they drive past my place, the kid will point and say, “That’s Santa’s other house.”

  3. Yeah, hcmom. It should NOT be in the 80s for Halloween! I bought a big bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups because I could give any leftovers to my daughter. She, her husband, and one son remaining at home love them. I had TWO kids. Some years I run out of candy, and then there are years like this. I have no idea why.


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