Technical Difficulties

Website problems

Bits and Pieces was down for a few hours Tuesday evening.  A talk with tech support told me that there was some kind of “scripting error” and the best answer would be to restore a backup of the site.  So I did that and lost some of the posts and most of the comments from Tuesday. 

I was able to resurrect some of those posts but not all of them.  Everything else appears to be back and working normally.  Let me know if you find other problems besides the few missing posts.

Sorry about the inconvenience.


11 comments to Technical Difficulties

  • Kevin


  • sk8365

    so much better. and thank you for fixing the world map and all other add ons on right side. way better!

  • sk8365

    until i got to the second page and the same ol problem is there…..

  • Amy

    No need to apologize! Thank you for an entertaining site! 😀

  • Denni Gartner

    Yours is one of the first sites I visit every day. It’s great! One problem I have had viewing it for several weeks, though, is a “creeping” automatic scrolling. Bit by bit the screen jumps down the page, also interfering with gif images. Yours is the only site I’ve experienced this, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem on my end. If I close the link and then reload it, no problem.

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