Malwarebytes is blocking B&P

For some reason Malwarebytes is saying B&P is a malicious site. They’ve had issues with false-positive notifications.  I ran some scans and they all say B&P is safe.  I’m not sure what caused the report if anything.

Read more about Malicious Website Blocking and False-Positives here and here.



6 thoughts on “Malwarebytes is blocking B&P

  1. I’m not an expert, but from what I understand there is a site on the host server that has a problem so Malwarebytes blocks everyone using that same server. They’ve been notified.

  2. I’ve had that pop up a couple of times in the past. Figured I’d wait a day or two before I try again. Now I know its not just me seeing that.

  3. Cried the entire day. Working fine today (7/16/15). Looks as if a lot of reads are using Malwarebytes.

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