In Google Maps

Go to Google
Type in: Gulshan Abad
Click Maps
Start moving down toward Adiala Shahpur Rd

Thanks Bill H


10 comments to In Google Maps

  • Tim

    What is so interesting about this? Is it that this town is stomach-shaped and there is a road that leads SE out of town and ends in the middle of nowhere? Or that odd road has almost random arrows on it?

  • mary

    I got nothin’.

  • Jonco

    This is what I can see, and obviously what Bill saw).


  • Mathman54

    I don’t see it either. I’m using Windows Internet Explorer. Are you using Chrome, perhaps?

  • Jonco

    Apparently it’s gone as Make Use Of just posted this:


  • Jonco

    And yes, I am using Chrome.

  • Glenn

    Check out the statue of liberty located in the new development area south east of the site.

    33 30′ 05.74″ N
    73 05′ 15.56″ W

    • Mathman54

      73 05′ 15.56″ W is in the Atlantic Ocean. You mean 73 05′ 15.56″ E. Looks like the statue is in a traffic circle. I found a YouTube video of the Statue and other interesting structures in Pakistan:

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