Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Weather:  Hot August nights are here for sure. With temps near 100F and high humidity it really feels like summer here in the midwest. 

Forecast aug 23

Busy weekend: Friday night we got together with some old friends and relived some good memories.  Lots of laughs.   I’ll be cutting grass at two houses Saturday and picking up another load from the old house. We’ll be going through stuff getting ready for a garage/yard sale in a couple of weeks. 

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?



10 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

    • Yeah, that’s what it means. I’ve never been accused of being too efficient. A couple of reasons to do it this way I think. We’ll find out what fits at the new place and what doesn’t. The new place has a lot more traffic by it. That’s good and bad, but good for garage sales I think. My other house is on a dead end street.


  1. Do you feel like coming and mowing my grass? Oh wait… no grass… drought. Never mind. I am getting ready to plant a macadamia tree though. Love macadamia nuts!


  2. I feel your pain Jonco. I’ve moved but still downsizing. Every box that I open I think…I have no room for that. Good news is I have lots of friends and all of them are leaving each and every time with a treat box. LOL, gotta get rid of it somehow.


  3. I’m sorry for your weather! However, here in beautiful SoCal, we have had the most humid summer ever. It’s still way cooler than your weather, though.


  4. (philippines)… Yesterday I had my staircase varnished with valspar. Outside in the back yard, another worker treated the guest room door with salignum wood preservitive.
    Today, both of my Myna birds and my Parrot are dead! …whoda thunk?
    I’ve heard that miners used to take birds (canaries) down into the mine shafts to warn them of bad air or pockets of toxic gas. If the bird died, RUN!
    I’ve learned a lesson from this, at a heavy price. No more painting or bug spraying unless the birds are well upwind! There was one survivor, a little baby green parrot named Tiger.
    Y’all take care…



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