Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Weather:  We got a months worth of rain in the last two days.  Spot showers are forecast the next few days before it dries out. 

Forecast aug 9

Blogging woes:  The afore mentioned problems with my blogging software have cleared up on their own.  I  spent a few days learning new software that had its pros and cons.  But once I realized the old software was working again I decided to go back to it because it was just a little better for the way I blog.

Mud Volleyball:  Our mud volleyball tournament last weekend was a great success.  We raised a little over $4,000 for a local children’s home. 

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?



5 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

    • I ended up not going to the naked bike ride. It was 99F that day and a project I was working on took longer than I had expected. But in reality the heat and humidity was the main reason. I didn’t get too many muddy pictures from the tournament but here’s one from the event.



  1. “Local children’s home” sounds great. What exactly is it? Never heard of something called that. Orphanage? Do they still have those down there?


    • It’s a St. Louis area facility that helps families in crisis. Some of it is through community outreach and some is in-house. They have a residential unit for troubled kids or kids whose family crisis is so bad they have no where else to turn. One of our members used to be the director at the home until he died of a heart attack playing in our second mud volleyball tournament back in 1986. Ever since that awful day we’ve dedicated our fund-raising efforts to help the home in his memory. We’ve given them well over $50,000 over the years.


  2. Things are still ok here on the south china sea. (Negros Oriental Island) The temp and humidity are so high, I couldn’t get a haircut this morning, my head was sopping wet. Gonna spend the day in front of the fan. I’m planning to fill the swimming pool with river water tomorrow, hoping it will cool the house down since the pool is in my living room. Going on a motor bike ride to Backong this eve to get some fresh yellow fin for sashimi…yummm.


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