The Beatles in St. Louis – 48 years ago today

BeatlesOn this date in 1966 a crowd of 23,143 braved the rain to see the Beatles at Busch Stadium. They took the stage at 8:30 pm, having played a show in Cincinnati that afternoon. The Del-Rays from Mascoutah, Illinois, Bobby Hebb, the Ronettes and the Cyrkle also played. The Beatles appeared third to take advantage of a break in the weather. So the Beatles “opened” for the Ronettes and the Cyrkle that night. They performed 11 songs in 30 minutes.

The Beatles would only play four more shows before they stopped touring.

My wife and I had our first “official” date that night. The ticket stub is at right.  Notice how much it cost to see the hottest band in the world at the time.

Beatles in stl




3 thoughts on “The Beatles in St. Louis – 48 years ago today

  1. That is a great picture. Is that where your seats were for the show? That is totally awesome that you got to see (and probably not hear above the screams) the Beatles really paved the way for future artists. I wonder what the music would sound like today if it weren’t for the Beatles (and Elvis).


    • No, we were waaaaay up in the stadium, far, far away. I guess that’s what $5.50 tickets got you. You probably had to pay $10 to get close. 🙂 It was a very rainy night and we could barely see them. That photo came from the link provided. My brother worked for the guard/usher service that handled events at the stadium like baseball games and the like. He held the door for the Beatles as they entered the stadium. He also had to block the door to keep the screaming girls out. They were wanting his autograph because he held the door.


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