Flying Ozark Airlines

Ozark airlinesWhen I was a teenager my friend Mickey and I did all kinds of things together.  Ozark Airlines had a weekend special where you could fly anywhere Ozark flew over the weekend for either $30 to $40 (I can’t remember now).  You could fly all weekend if you wanted to and that’s just what we wanted to do.  Ozark was a regional airline so it just covered the midwest and upper midwest part of the US.

We got hold of their schedule and planned an itinerary that took us to 15 cities in two days.  They were mostly small towns in Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Iowa and Minnesota.  We spent the Saturday night at a hotel near the airport in Minneapolis.

I still remember walking onto the airport tarmac and up the steps  into a plane like the one on the right (click to enlarge).  Because of the tilt in the aisle you had to sort of climb your way up the aisle to your seat.

Ozark went away when it was bought out by TWA in 1986.

Here’s a segment on Ozark Airlines that features a short clip of George Carlin doing a commercial for Ozark.

KETC – Living in St. Louis – Ozark Airlines


9 comments to Flying Ozark Airlines

  • Richard

    The plane appears to be a Douglas DC-3 (C-47) which I flew in many times in Nam. It was the most used fixed wing plane flown by AirAmerica, also known as the CIA…

    • Jonco

      I think the one pictured was from the first Ozark Flight flight in the 1950s. The ones we flew on were props but I don’t know what model or who made them.

  • Did you dress up? I remember hearing that going on a flight was a special occasion, so people dressed up in their Sunday best.

    • Jonco

      Mickey and I dress up? I don’t think so. I’m sure we put on clean blue jeans for the occasion though.

      • Nancy Hurd

        I do remember dressing up. I had on my new red heels which matched my red/white/blue dress. My hair had just the right amount of ratting and spray to withstand the end of the world. (I have a picture around here!) I had on my new pink lipstick. Yep. I was dressed in my finest!

  • Carter

    Ozark also had 15-minute excursion flights around the STL metro area in the late 50s. It was $2 for adults and $0.50 for kids. The best part I remember (I was 7 or 8 at the time) was the chunk-sized Wrigley’s Doublemint gum the stewardesses handed out to keep your ears from popping.

    • Jonco

      I don’t remember that at all, but I wish I had. I would have taken advantage of that. I guess I was about 10 at the time and too young to go on my own and my parent’s would never do that.

  • Nancy Hurd

    The summer between 8th grade and high school (1967) , I flew from my grandmother’s out of Oklahoma City to St. Louis to Quincy. I flew TWA and Ozark. On the TWA flight, my seat mate from from London. She gave me a British penny (the big round one) that remains in my collection. On the Ozark flight, the flight attendant had a tip jar on her tray as she handed out soda. I asked if I had to pay. She said that it was for tips. I didn’t tip. She glared. What a fun memory. Thanks for posting.

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