Dogs – Nail Grooming

This is quite interesting. 

Dog nail grooming


We’re bad at nail clipping with Gus and Trixie.  Trixie fights it like a cat fights a bath.

Thanks Jamie

3 comments to Dogs – Nail Grooming

  • grumpy

    IF and only IF it actually needs doing, do it professionally.

    Getting it wrong can cause pain and suffering as bad as an exposed nerve in your tooth.

  • ChrisInAtlanta

    Thou musst wrap thine cat well (in a towell) before trimming. So only the single leg in question is visible. Include the head with troublesome animals.

    James Herriot, proposed eulogy, _All_Creatures_Great_and_small: Herriot? Not much of a vet but by GOD he could wrap a cat!

    Worked for me until she gave up the fight as inevitable.

  • Richard

    Just suck it up and pay the six or seven bucks to have the vet do it.

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