8 thoughts on “Dead body, or germophobia?

      • We get a lot of “sacred burial grounds” protests from “first nations” up here.

        Jeeze is the a habitel place on earth where someone at some time has not been buried?

        Cemeteries are so Gothic, just burn and turn (into stardust). 😉


      • Are we to assume that the passenger next to him is not of the same orthodox faith or is he excused since he’s probably the one who tied the knot of his companion?


  1. I just have to say it. Religion can be totally ridiculous. That anyone would even think of doing this just to comply with the rules is just plain nuts.


  2. 1) Who made the rule?

    2) Wouldn’t the airtight, sealed metal body of the plane itself provide more “protection” than microthin plastic?

    3) What about a long flight over the ocean? Does he realize how many millions of people have died in the sea over centuries and centuries? Shipwrecks, wars, storms, tidal waves, uhh…plane crashes?

    4) Long flight?…. Bathroom?

    5) At 32,000 feet altitude, you’re 6 miles above the earth. On the ground in most populated areas, aren’t you likely to drive closer to cemeteries than that?


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