Head Lice

head lice




5 comments to Head Lice

  • amy

    great, now my head is itchy

  • Miss Silver

    We use the shampoo, but the poor folks use bug spray. I’ve seen them just empty half a can on a kid’s head. Then they wash it off and shampoo and condition. Good as gold.

  • xalaskan

    Back in Nam, in ’69, the girls would just comb through each others hair, pick them out one by one….and eat them!

  • oh hell no.

    no thanks.


  • StarChaser Tyger

    I’ve had them a couple of times back when I was a kid… the second time, I just used normal shampoo, left it on for five minutes, then repeated it. Killed all of them. Did it again the next couple of days just to make sure and they were gone.

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