4 thoughts on “Why don’t your ice cream sandwiches melt?

  1. A Cincinnati station doing a piece on ice cream and did not include United Dairy Farmers (UDF) ice cream? Heresy!


  2. Eat processed foods, die slowly, but faster.
    Get ill sooner, live longer with medicine.

    Your precious corporations are out there to get your money any way possible.

    My advice, since you asked, eat natural foods and invest in corporations. Especially in health care corporations. Their motto is: “Don’t kill them, but for God’s sake don’t cure them”.


  3. Auuugh. This is why I don’t watch TV news. Did you all notice the huge flaw in their “analysis”?


    They compared the ingredient list of two ice cream sandwiches to a container of ice cream, noting that the ice cream only had 5 natural sounding ingredients and the sandwiches had scary sounding ingredients.

    Ok. But the ingredient list for the sandwiches would include the chocolate cookie on the top and bottom which the container of ice cream doesn’t have. They didn’t compare like to like. That is their flaw.


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