Well played, Jesus

Well played jesus

Thanks Kay


4 comments to Well played, Jesus

  • Gotta love the look on that cops’s face to His right.

  • Jarrod

    I would like this more if it was someone doing that to the psycho Westboro folks. This guy is just trying to make a mockery of Jesus as being gay.

    • ray

      No, I doubt that. I’m sure his intent was to say that Jesus never spoke out against homosexuality. In fact, pretty much everything Christianists speak out against, Jesus never said a word about. Which makes me wonder why they even bother calling themselves Christians when so little of their actions actually have to do with Jesus. Oddly enough, the one thing Jesus did have a fit about was people making money off religion.

    • foog

      I don’t see it, but you’re probably right. He shouldn’t mock Gay Jesus.

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