Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Forecast Jul 19Weather:  After just a gorgeous week here in St. Louis the heat and humidity are gradually coming back.  This mild weather we had at the first of the month and this week are really unheard of around these parts.  I’ll try not to complain much when it gets really hot and be thankful for the nice weather we had.  Of course if Mother Nature wants to grace  us with another week or two of mild weather I won’t be complaining and would be mighty appreciative.

A bit of traveling:  I’ll be doing a bit of traveling later in the week.  On Thursday evening, which happens to be my birthday, I’m going to head over to Columbia MO.  I’ll be doing some video work for my brother and his associate there for most of Friday.  I’ll try to have some things pre-posted.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis.  What’s going on in your world?



11 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

  1. We just started binge watching Breaking Bad. Yeah, I know, I’m a little slow.
    We watched the first 4 episodes of season one last night. I had seen three of those episodes a long time ago but I’m glad I started over again because I had forgotten so much of it. It’ll make more sense now that’s it’s fresh. Hopefully we’ll watch several episodes a week.
    We binge watched Fargo a week or two ago. That was good. Not sure if it’s coming back or if it was just a mini-series that’s over.

  2. I LOVE middle of the road temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. I can live with that and function well. We don’t have the humidity here like you do so I understand that, that is a bitch.

    I’d like to start watching that Breaking Bad series. Heard a lot about it but don’t watch much TV. Maybe when I get all settled down again.

    Jonco and Ms. Patco, have you sold your other place yet? Just wondering and haven’t heard? I hope so. Then we can go to Vegas again. 😉

    • We’ve had a lot of people look at it but no deals yet. We’re continually working on the place. A little thing here and there. Just yesterday we replaced a piece of deck railing that the carpenter bees have made a buffet of for some reason. They don’t bother any other piece. It’s weird. They suggested we paint some of the rooms neutral colors, which we did, but it makes the place look drab to me now. From day one I thought we needed new carpeting. What’s there is 14 years old but NO ONE has mentioned that in their comments. So that might happen soon if I can find the money somewhere to do it.

      • Replacing carpet is an iffy proposition. Buyers may not like what you installed and just see another thing to be changed. Then you are in effect tossing away money needlessly.

        • Yeah, when we bought that hose it had some really nice quality thick carpeting in the upstairs. Problem was it was solid black. We didn’t like black carpeting so we changed it out. Ended up using some of the black in a basement room.

  3. I am depressed. My paintings are now stored under my desk. Like month old magazines.

    • Pretty much right in the middle of the U.S..


  4. If you want to feel cool for another week come to some place in Canada, like in the province of Manitoba.


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