B&P Problems

bandp problems2Bits & Pieces was experiencing some slowness and even not being able to access the site at various times yesterday.  I spent much of the day unable to post using Blogjet,  my normal blogging software.  I maintain four sites, three of which are hosted at GoDaddy.com.  The fourth site is hosted elsewhere.  The sites hosted at GoDaddy are the ones affected.  I can post through the WordPress dashboard but that is a lot slower for me as I’m not used to using it.  

Yesterday afternoon I found a plugin that had updated recently so I tried deactivating it.  That did the trick.  I could post normally.   The sites seemed to be running normally.  

Then this morning I’m having the same issue… I can’t post using Blogjet.  The suspect plugin is still deactivated so I don’t know what the issue is.  I’ll try deactivating other plugins one by one to see if it’s a plugin problem.  I’ll also contact host support if it’s not plugin related.  

I have a couple errands to run and when I get back I’ll be try to figure out the problem.    So there might be fewer posts for a while this morning.  

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you in getting your “fix” of B&P.



10 thoughts on “B&P Problems

  1. Hey, Kid, no problemo. Love the site, and when you can, you will fix it. Just glad there are people like you out there posting funny things for people like me to enjoy! Take care, and thanks again for the funny stuff!


  2. I, too, suffered from the pangs of withdrawal. I got a Rx from my doc for 4 oz. of fine single malt Scotch as needed. Works well. Can you have problems tomorrow too?


  3. Jonco – four sites? I know of only three: this one, Bits of Wisdom, and your more adult site. What is the address of your 4th one?

    I am glad you are able to keep your sites up and running–I enjoy them (well, the ones I know about).


  4. I know what it is, Jonco. Your websites are getting to be a year older and sometimes those years just add up and surprise you.


  5. Went through St. Louis last week, but on a speed trip to Elkhart from Spgfld MO, maybe my warp speed caused some of your problems………lol…… I70 sure is bummppppyyyy
    Thanks for all the dedication to keeping my daily “fix” up and running, I too have dts when I can’t get my daily updates,

    thanks again


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