Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open micForecast jun 28

Weather:  Typical summer weather in St. Louis. Some rain, some heat, lots of humidity.  The forecast for the 4th  of July looks like it will be clear and mild.  Anyone from St. Louis will tell you it almost always storms on the 4th.  I don’t have a lot of faith in that forecast yet.

Weekend plans:  I don’t have a lot going on.  We’re going to a graduation party and then over to the old house to do some work.

Websites:  I think the star rating system (plugin) on B&P is here to stay. I’ve seen no real problems and things that were not working with the other plugin have gone away.  Things seem to running pretty smoothly. (*knocks on wood)

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis.  What’s going on in your world?



9 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

  1. Hi all! I’ve finally moved into my little tree house on Negros Oriental Island.
    It’s not totally finished, but very livable.
    It has been fun to build because of no codes or covenants…just free-style, like a kid making a tree fort!
    Here are a few pics of the building process! …btw, that isn’t really a swimming pool, but a giant aquarium as the water comes from the river and there are fish in it! (Yes, we swim in it)
    The overflow (24/7) runs through several more fish ponds before it dumps off into the wash.

    I tried to give you a file of pictures showing the building process, but i get kicked out for spamming..



    • This is what I had to begin with, just a dead tree and a washout on the side of the volcano!
      The water is COLD so I don’t need air con.
      The river water comes in with such force, I think I might be able to generate power.


    • Absolutely phenomenal, X!!!! So looked forward to seeing progress — especially after the tsunami the area experienced. It’s just beautiful, truly an island paradise

      • Thanks hcmom, I’ll try to get some recent pics to an external server so I can post them on next weeks open mic.
        but for now here is a pic of building the stairs and kitchen counters. 🙂


        • here’s another pic applying cement to the pool floor!


    • Of course, everyone’s invited! come on over! Turn left when you get to Hawaii, then hang a right at Palmyra atoll, start slowing down when you get to Eastern Samar. ..bring beer! 🙂


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