Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Weather:  It’s summer. It’s hot.  Nuff said.

Website: The new rating of posts and comments seems to be working OK. 

Crash:  I was in a car accident on Wednesday.  I was on my way to a funeral home for a visitation for a friend’s mother when I stopped for traffic at a stoplight.  I saw in my rearview mirror a pickup truck fast approaching.  I tried to pull up a little closer to the car in front of me in hopes the truck would have enough room to stop.  But he slammed into the rear of my vehicle and pushing me into the back of the car in front of me.  The rear glass shattered and I pushed that car about 10 or 15 feet.  The kid that hit me admitted fault when the police got there.  No one was injured and I’m amazed my airbag didn’t go off when I hit the car in front of me.  The kid driving the truck that hit me was 18 years old.  He said he was just saying that he’d “never been in an accident and didn’t plan to be.”  I had to break the news to him that no one “plans” to be in an accident.  All three vehicles were driveable except that one had no rear window.  It’s all in the hands of the insurance companies now.  I’m scheduled to take my car into the shop right after the 4th  of July weekend.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis.  what’s going on in your world?


22 comments to Weekend Open Mic

  • xoxoxoBruce

    You’re right, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition an accident.
    Airbags need 7 G’s of force to trigger.

    • Jonco

      I have no idea what 7 G’s would be, but I know how hard it hit and I just expected (later, not beforehand like my young crasher) the airbag to activate.

  • Mary

    OMG thank goodness you and the others are ok!

  • Glad you’re ok, Jonco.
    Not much happening here, other than front-door shaggers.
    Working like crazy to finish stuff for an exhibition (deadline 9 days 🙁 ).
    Tomorrow is a Treat Day for me – eat what ever I like (whatever food I like, that is – not babies or mercury or fire, you know) – and I’m going for Sunday lunch with my sister in a hotel overlooking the sea.

    • Jonco

      I’m betting you’ll still eat good-for-you stuff. You won’t want to undo the great progress you’ve made.

      Sometimes when I’m try to eat really good then one day I decide to splurge and whatever I splurged on wasn’t that good so I was disappointed. I was so looking forward to fried chicken (or whatever) and it just wasn’t THAT good.

      • Funny you should say that. I had a treat day two weeks in – well, it was actually a treat night, where i had my favourite lamb dish from my favourite Indian restaurant.
        It tasted way too sweet and the lamb was like chewing shoe leather.
        I don’t know whether the chef was having an off night or if I’ve ruined my mouth and taste buds.
        Tomorrow will be the test I suppose 🙂

        • Jonco

          I didn’t know if I explained it right. But I occasionally get that “it wasn’t worth it” feeling when I eat something I shouldn’t have and was expecting to to be great tasting.

  • RKT

    Oh my, hope you are ok by now and not too sore. Seeing it coming is the worst, you tense up and that makes you ever more sore.

    • Jonco

      I’m not sore at all. I did feel a little tingle in mt neck shortly after the accident but nothing since then. I think it might have been the adrenaline.

  • Kevin

    Could have been worse…


  • Frank K

    Sorry to hear. Glad you ok.

  • Barbwire

    I’d be willing to bet he was texting.

  • Miss Silver

    Glad to hear that you’re ok, Jonco!

  • A car accident is a scary thing because you realize you might be injured and not really know it. There’s this odd time distortion that goes on right at the time of impact and then right after where everything seems to move around really fast but time moves slow.

    How do you feel today? Any soreness?

    • Jonco

      I’m a little hung over but it has nothing to do with the accident. No effects from the crash that I can tell.

  • Jim

    He was texting, of course. It is a devastating habit and kills people every day. Glad you are OK!

  • xoxoxoBruce

    7Gs would be a brick wall at 10 to 15 mph, or another car from behind at about 25 mph because they give. Head-ons, of course, are half that. The real speed will vary a lot from car to car.
    Hope you’re still feeling OK.

  • Richard

    Based on the ambulance chasing lawyers around here, your neck tingle might be worth $125,000.

  • revrick315

    I was thinking you actually have to be moving for the air bags to detonate. (Yes, I know the vehicle was moving when the truck pushed it into the car in front, but you weren’t actually driving).

  • Bella

    Whew, glad you and everyone is alright. Could have been a different story if you all were pushed into a busy intersection by that dumb-dumb.

  • Janet

    Glad you are ok Jonco

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