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star rating4I’m trying a new Star Rating plugin for posts and comments.  I was having some issues with individual posts and some other issues when I posted things to the Best of Bits Facebook page. 

Some of these rating systems don’t fare well when used on a shared server so we’ll see how this one works.  Unfortunately all the old ratings go away when I deactivate the old plugin so we’re starting anew.  If this doesn’t work well we can go back to the other one or keep looking for another one.

You can set it up with any number of stars (or thumbs) and you can label them however you want.  I’m going to try 4 star rating for posts (Poor, OK, Good and Excellent) and I’m going to try 3 stars for comments.  I’m labeling them Dumb, Good and Great. 

Please try them out by rating posts and comments.



18 thoughts on “New Star Rating System

  1. Wow, we’re going to be able to rate each other? This should be amusing! Will we get to rate our own posts? Can we vote more than once on the post, and more than one on the comments?
    I’m going to sit back with a cold one and enjoy the show.

  2. Jonco, nothing destroys a community like letting people vote negatively on comments. Makes people reluctant to post and some people take it personally and leave (I run a board with nearly 800k posts and have experimented with it. Always a disaster of bad feelings). Anyway, just my two cents. 🙂

  3. Oh noes! A comment rating system –

    promotes community engagement and forum policing of content.

    promotes me accidentally DDoS-ing the server by hammering the refresh button every 30 seconds to check for ‘likes’ and then getting horribly depressed when nobody validates my opinion, humor, & or existence after 5 hours of constantly checking.

    All humor aside, i’m leaning heavily (80/20) with RTkane’s assessment. Rating comments (like on reddit or the old Digg) only works because that is the purpose of the site. Even then, it comes with a heavy price – look at how vitriolic the community is on most threads. We have a pretty good community here and I’d like it to stay that way.

    Also, about the UI, I think you should get rid of the “Rate this (X Votes)” box next to the blinding yellow stars. The eyes are drawn overwhelmingly to the rating, rather than the comment. So much so that I have to make a visual effort to ignore the rating just to read the comment. That’s back asswards.

    Also, if you’re dead set on having the box of instructions, maybe move the stars and box to the far right on the same line as the time stamp.

    Also, it is bizarre to have a 4 star system for the post but a 3 star system for the comments.

  4. I’ve done some fine-tuning. I’ve made the stars smaller and lighter in color and moved the comment ratings to the right bottom of each comment.

    This is a test. It may or may not stay. I appreciate your input.

  5. I’ve been lurking your site for years on a daily basis Jonco, and it’s always been one of my (favorite) main stops on the internet highway. However, I’m now a displaced Cynical-C’er since Chris at Cynical-C has recently bid adieu to his posting (tears! 🙁 ). Chris did the same rating system with his posts and it made the Cynical-C community stronger & more enjoyable. Your regulars have already displayed that same action throughout the years and it’s been an enjoyable site to visit. So, thank you everyone, and Jonco especially, for keeping B&P a great site! 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jennifer. Glad you surfaced and please comment when you feel the urge.
      While no one knows what the future holds I have no plans on stopping anytime soon.

  6. Really, I’ll probably only ever be inclined to rate comments as great, and simply have no opinion on the others. I don’t think I’ve ever given a post less than four stars, because I don’t give any stars to something I don’t like a lot, just because… huh. I dunno. It just goes against my nature to criticize something just because it’s not what I personally like, I guess.

    • I agree with hcmom. I only rate post that I really like, so I guess that the results might be skewed. My vote is to do away with ratings.

      • Even that helps let me know what people like or like a lot. Without any ratings I’m just guessing what kind of stuff you guys like. I’ll still post stuff that I like regardless of the ratings … just because… well, I’m a little warped.

  7. Hi Jonco, love your blog! Most of the times we watch it on the ipad (4) ios 6 and the new rating system would just crash safari.


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