6 thoughts on “Looking for some interesting sites?

  1. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a website that takes a bunch of text boxes posted as graphics images (about 1000x more bandwidth btw), and turns them back into text, so I closed this page and forgot all about them.


  2. Oh, yeah of so little faith….first site I found did the first
    in a flash…LOL

    I did NOT proof it except to see
    it left out the punctuation
    of the link. Not too shabby.


    screenr com
    — recore movies o your
    desktop and send them straight to
    iconfinder com
    — the best place to find
    icons of all sizes
    midomi com
    — when you need to find
    the name of a song
    shelterpups com
    you can send them a
    picture of your dog and they’ll send you
    a stuffed animal that looks just like it
    iustinaultar com
    – learn to play the
    guitar for free.
    Wolframalpha com
    – an answer engine
    that can solve nearly any mathematic
    nickreboot com
    – you can continuously
    stream 90’s cartoons for free!
    Pizzacodes co,
    – provides you with
    romo codes for discounts at mosts
    Cornell 801 .com/disney/movies.html –
    watch every single old Disney movie
    for FREE
    Ultra acts.tumblr.com


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