Amongst the Giant Sequoias


Up tree

We climbed the 325+ steps to the top of Moro Rock.  Then we hiked around Crescent Meadow.  Much more walking that I’m used to.  Click images to enlarge.

Jon on peak Morron rock Crescent meadow Big ass tree

We had a bag of chips in the car that we noticed was about to burst because of expansion at high altitudes.  The GPS on the windshield indicates we were at 6,460 feet above sea level.
Chips at high elevATION



15 thoughts on “Amongst the Giant Sequoias

  1. The fifth one looks like the same area my girl and I where at. It was a small hike. The open area had a cow walking around, and not far from that is the Mark Twain tree stump.

  2. wow- when you said you climbed steps…I didn’t know that it was that steep. From the picture, it definitely looks like it took a lot of effort (coming from someone that is completely out of shape) Did you come down the same way?

    • Yes you go down the same way. Ant the air is thinner so you get tired faster, or I did anyway. It was a workout but awesome to experience.

  3. Those trees are AWESOME!! Moro rock looks cool as well. Did you notice any trouble breathing at those altitudes? Also, be honest did you open and eat the chips right away? Or wait to see if the bag burst on its own?!

    • we were expecting the bag to burst but it didn’t. It ws starting to separate at the seam but didn’t pop. Had we gone much farther I’m sure it would have. BOOM! woulda scared the crap out of us if we hadn’t noticed it expanding.
      It is a little hard to breathe up there.. you just get tired quicker.


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