How I spent Father’s Day

Deck fathers day

My daughter, son-in-law and two grandkids decided they’d come over and help clear out a wooded area because it was almost impossible to see the river at the old house.  The area on the left side of the walkway looked just like the area to the right of the walkway.  Chainsaw, weed-chewer-uppers, lopers, clippers, blowers and rakes were all used in the process.  We did this same thing about 12 years ago and it has grown up ever since.  The kudzu was everywhere as were the ticks and I think some poison ivy.  

Update:  Yes, definitely some poison ivy or some other itchy stuff.

KT Barge Tree trimming Deck2 Scoot trees

We spent about 10 hours working on this.  It’s not done but we got a lot more done that I expected.



4 thoughts on “How I spent Father’s Day”

    • Yes it was a lot of work. We were supposed to get storms in the afternoon. I kept hoping it would start raining so we could quit, but it didn’t. I’m glad now that it didn’t… and we didn’t.

    • Every house I’ve sold I’ve “fixed up” prior to selling. Why I don’t fix them up ;like that and get the benefit from it while I still live there I don’t know. I’m a slow learner because I seem to do it every time.


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