15 Dumbest Patients…

15 dumbest patients


Thanks Addalaide


4 comments to 15 Dumbest Patients…

  • PIle of Pooh

    How about one with fifteen anecdotes about asshole, supercilious, patronizing GPs? You won’t have to go far to find one, believe me. Just locate a pharma sales rep and follow him into the building.

  • Jewels Vern

    Please try to remember that “obvious” only means something you already know. It is not obvious to someone who hasn’t learned it. Anybody who goes through public schooling has not learned anything they need to know about living a normal life. Uneducated immigrants are smarter than public school graduates.

  • Candace

    oh jewels… either you.. never went to public school or .. did and didn’t pay attention.. but I can assure you.. schools are required much more than what you assume… that’s some bullshit trying to claim public school graduates don’t know anything. it’s not the schools fault kids have no attention span now.

    • Jewels Vern

      Keep your insults to yourself. You need to expand your horizons; listen to a pop song now and then. Here is one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLsDxvAErTU That was published in 1973 and Mr. Simon graduated in 1958 so the resentment of the students goes way back. Mr. Simon’s complaint was one of the gentlest.

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