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Bear in hammockHow to use social media when you’re dead

20 Australian Words That Are Different in the US

8 Things You Never Knew About Air Force One

Bear relaxes in Florida backyard hammock  Right arrow

It All Started Here – Origin of fast foods

10 TV Little Sisters Who Disappeared From the Spotlight

The Internet in Real-Time  –  What’s happening right now!

A little gift of popcorn for my friend

Civilian helps end police chase through park

Never EVER Let Your Friends Label Your Moving Boxes

Reddit – What’s the worst death you could ever imagine?

Study: Female hurricanes are deadlier They’re not taken as seriously

33 Activities For Kids That Cost Under $10


2 comments to B&P Link Dump

  • infidel

    I cant figure out what some of those Aussie things like the blue one and the tea mean ,the doodle and the root are pretty funny

  • Richard

    Knock and rage are used in the US with the same meaning. And thongs were footwear here long before the underwear came along.

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