On a side note: We’re going to the taping of the Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show today.  William Shatner is one of the scheduled guests.  We’re going that is, if they let us in.  The minimum age is 18 and one of my grandsons won’t be 18 until August.  My past experience is that sometimes they check IDs and sometimes they don’t.


3 comments to Shatner

  • NessMan96

    Yeah it is called the Lebron… Maybe his teammates yell all the time.

  • Gregger

    Best of luck, love GP & The Ferg’s. Too bad its his last year eh?

  • grumpy

    I’m not sure how he does it, but Shatner is a entertainment slut.

    He is always doing something that is really lame and keeps on ticking.

    83+ and still going strong. Must be that Canadian beer, eh?

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