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Friday firesmithI have three dogs. I started out with one dog, Bert, many years ago, a dog from a pound, and after eighteen months of being an only dog he went out and found a puppy, Sam, one day. We lived in peace and relative harmony until I found a stray, Lucas, in the middle of the road about five years ago. Then there was three. When Bert died people told me that one day I would be able to let go and then I would be ready to get another dog. Three months later I found a local rescue group on Facebook and found my first Pibble. (Pit bull, say it fast)

Facebook, it seems, has some practical uses.

The weird thing is that I’ve watched as people have found strays or lost dogs, posted something on Facebook, and suddenly there are hundreds of people in the loop and in the know. There have been rapid success stories as families are reunited with their lost pet or some little lost puppy gets fostered until a home can be found.

Adoption events and fund raisers get their volunteers from Facebook pages. I’ve helped decorate a Christmas float that a local group, BARC ( Brooks Area Rescue Center) had in a parade. I also lost a bet. I said I would run a 5K race in a tutu if their raised one hundred and fifty bucks for the group through their Facebook page. Stupid Facebook. The day before the race a “friend” of mine pushed it over the top and I had to run in a homemade tutu.

Yes, there are photos of that on Facebook. No, I will not show them here.

The real magic is when someone sees a dog online and they really want the dog but they live hundreds of miles from their Dream Dog. Facebook groups arrange dog pick- ups and transports, usually in hour long legs, sixty miles or so. Patrick1

Another facet of this medium is when someone gets stupid and makes a video of an abused animal and there they are, grinning at the camera. Like a lit match put to gasoline, the video gets shared by a few thousand of your closest friends and suddenly, the alleged human finds himself watching his conquest on a dozen pages. Oh hai, we’re the police and we know who you are. Ask Kisha Curtis about that one. She starved a dog nearly to death and then threw it down a garbage chute. Social media kicked in and suddenly her “friends” began to suggest it was she who did the evil deed. 
Curtis discovered the courtroom packed with green wearing supporters of the dog, Patrick.

 (Yeah, he lived)

Patrick3 She also discovered that her Facebook page contained some really interesting comments, and oh by the way, everyone knew where she lived.

When Sam, Sam, The Happy Hound, who has known his own share of abuse from cruel humans, passes from this earth, I’ll start the search again. I have three dogs. That seems like a good number of dogs to have. Somewhere, in a crate or a cage, or walking the streets, is a puppy that needs me.

For all of its vast wasteland, I’m willing to bet Facebook helps me find my next dog, if one doesn’t show up on its own.

Take Care,

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  1. Facebook is equally available to angels and assholes, predators and vigilantes, so thinking should be required. But sadly, like driving and having children, we see too many that shouldn’t, still do.

    Mike, are you sure you didn’t join BARC to meet the ladies as much as help the mutts?


  2. I also rescued my Bella from a pound in 2012. She is the sweetest lovable thing and always wonder about her past life. I got Boo earlier this year when my sister found her on a road at 6.30 in the morning. We think she was dumped and left to fend for herself. She is only about 8 months old and great company for Bella.


  3. Pibbles are great, I’ve long been a supporter. I’ve had other dogs too, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about a pibble smile.
    I’m a Patrick follower as well, he turned out to be a beautiful, loving, boy. They literally snatched him back from death’s door. I cannot believe someone could be so cruel to another living being, if you don’t want the dog take him to a shelter, at the very least. You don’t dump an animal down a garbage chute, they should have done the same to her.
    Let me tell you a story about Facebook. When I was 6 years old my parents got divorced and my father left my life. He moved out of state and out of the country for a time. We completely lost touch. Back in those days there was no court ordered visitation and we didn’t even have an order for child support of any kind. Due to the circumstances he was unable to pay child support at first. By the time he was able to pay, and again, not by any court order, they never ordered any thing and my mother didn’t want it, he had come back to the US, but we had left the country. Any how years go by, I want medical history, I’m on Facebook and find my father’s sister, she calls him, we arrange a visit, he comes to see me, but never leaves. After 37 years he remarried my mother! that was two years ago.


    • Chick,

      That is one hell of an amazing story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      There is something, also, about a Pibble. I’m leaning towards getting another when Sam goes. They are the most intense dogs I know. They love hard. They play hard. Yeah, they are hard, but they are so worth it.


      • It’s true, once they claim you, that’s it, you are theirs. There are always plenty of them to be rescued. I ran into a lady yesterday at my local convenience store with a rescue, her baby had been starved and used as a bait dog, she was so sweet and docile. The lady told me she was in the process of raising an abandoned puppy, and her rescue pit was acting as a surrogate mommy.
        I hope you don’t have to go looking any time soon, except for the fact that a dog will get rescued!!


        • Sam, Chick, is nothing if not resilient. He keeps getting up, keeps on keeping on, and as slow as he’s moving, he’s still moving.

          I like that in a dog, that never say die attitude.


  4. We have 3 dogs also. First one was 10 weeks old and living in filth. He shit where ever he wanted with the people, even in their bed. They were living in a dump and had to move to a place that wouldn’t allow dogs. When the wife went to pick him up, she said there was dog shit all over the house. We kept bringing him outside every hour, and bragged him up when he done his business. We kenneled him at night, but still brought him out every few hours. He turned into a really nice dog. The second dog was on the way to rescue so we took him. We had him for 1/2 hour at home before we got him in for worming and needles. He was only 10 weeks old. He trained really easy as we had the older dog to help. We just got another pup 3 weeks ago from the pound. She is in right now getting spayed. So in 10 months, we went from no dogs to three dogs. All have been fixed and needled, flea meds given and loved. There is a bi-law in town saying we can only have 3 dogs so I told the wife she will have to stop getting dogs and go for a monkey next.
    Just to let you know, we got the first two dogs because of a facebook page.


    • Steve,

      With three dogs you have one more dog than you have hands. This leads you to be able to control the dogs by voice and they tend to want that more than being grabbed. That’s my theory. It does need work, I’ll admit that.

      I recommend against a monkey. I knew someone who had one. It was scary when it was pissed.

      Facebook is a vast wasteland but to dog people it is the best thing ever.


  5. I’ve asked this question before, but nobody had the balls to respond; Why are there so many low ratings on Mike’s postings?


    • Richard, mostly I’m not to be taken seriously, except when I talk about dogs. I try to put a humorous spin on very serious subjects and I go after everyone in the political spectrum with equal gusto. I have also pissed off some religious folk along the way.

      I don’t think Jon cares if people hate me or love me as long as they respond to me.

      To vote against me they still have to come here, which is why I’m here. So it works.

      I love that icon, by the way.


    • I got an email last week from a guy who was going to stop visiting B&P because he just hated Mike’s column. I replied asking about the fact that he didn’t like that one post a week and that was enough to never come back here again. I didn’t hear back from him. I have people that hate a lot more than one post a week, and they come back. Hell, I hate a few of them myself.


  6. I’ve wondered the same thing Richard. I suspect he offended someone who now stuffs the ballet box.. I always enjoy his posts.


    • Wmenns,

      Thanks! I’ve brought a lot of it on myself, but that is the nature of writing here. There are some people who are going to dislike everything I do, and I’m cool with that.

      I much rather deal with people who can form an opinion than those who choose not to, even if those who are forming that opinion are doing to against me.


  7. By the way, I have found another way to help a little which might interest someone.

    A friend is a dog catcher in South Jersey. Well, Animal Control Officer to the politically correct, but we know. Anyway, for the animals coming into the county shelter in good shape, they’ll try to re-home. But an animal that’s sick, or with an injury, is gone. They have too many already. So what she does is take them home and nurse them back to health before turning them in.

    This practice is time consuming and even with a sympathetic Vet gets expensive. So when her birthday or Christmas roll around, I boogie on down to the Vet and put money on her account. If you know someone who has a habit of taking in strays, you might be able to help them out.


    • Even as we speak, Bruce, I’m lining up my first foster mutt.

      I’ve never fostered before. I have no idea what it will be like to let a dog leave and go home with someone else.


  8. Well our 3rd dog Molly was in the pound for a month. We went in just to see what they had, as a friend was looking for a small male. They took Molly outside for a walk and we let our two males out of the car to meet her. They had so much fun playing with her. The wife asked to foster her for the weekend as the dog would be by herself all weekend. The lady at the pound is a personal friend so she just passed her over to us. She wouldn’t leave my wife’s side all weekend, except when she was outside playing with the other dogs. Sold, she wasn’t going back. The next Monday, I went and adopted her. Here it is a very good deal for adoption. She had all of her needles and flea meds. We pay $155 with a certificate to have her neutered. When she is neutered, we get $50 back. All we pay for at the vet’s is the IV fluids for the operation and pain meds for after. We are also having the dew claws removed off of her hind feet as they are really loose and we don’t want her to rip them off. We have a huge fully fenced back yard for them to play in. No just to teach them to stop digging up the shrubs and trees.


  9. Here in Atlanta, the Fulton County Animal Shelter is having a special adoption event. All adoptions are FREE. This includes shots, etc. Now what is your excuse?


  10. So you’ve successfully transitioned to the “dog dude”, and made everyone forget about those dead hookers. ;o)


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