Chicken Trix

Chicken Trixie

Trixie does not like to go outside when the ground is wet.  She just refuses.  You have to put the leash on her and basically drag her out.  Then she won’t do her business.  She just stands there with one foot in the air.  Very frustrating.

Gus on the other hand doesn’t mind at all.

Tand g in yard


11 comments to Chicken Trix

  • g

    haha…she’s a girl…she Hates the dirt!

  • that1chick

    Chaos is almost the same, but she doesn’t mind her feet being wet, she hates raindrops hitting her, the little princess, so I stand in the yard calling her looking like a jackass, while she stands under the awning staring at me, I know she’s laughing.

  • grumpy

    Now if you had a nice lawn she would be crapping all over it.

    As g said, she’s a girl.

  • Mary

    Aww, poor baby. Born with a silver spoon and maid service…. (A friend’s dog, now 1 yr old has never gotten used to the rain.)

  • Miss Silver

    Dawww she seems like a nervous babe. And Gus is just too cute; I wanna smother him witb smooches! Send them both hugs and kisses for me will ya, Jonco?

  • Jonco

    This morning I put the leash on her and took her out the front door. She was raring to go. Didn’t bother her at all. She didn’t want to come back inside.

  • Richard

    Just buy her some of those dog booties and she should be good to go.

  • Geoff uk

    That Lawn needs some work.

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