12 thoughts on “Caption Contest – 566

  1. 70 of these is what Floyd Mayweather made in 36 minutes for physically beating up another human being.

    156 of these is what Tiger Woods has made for hitting a ball with a stick into a hole.

    1000 of these are what Dr. Dre (not an engineer, acoustic scientist, or even a PhD or MD for that matter) for shilling sh*tty overpriced earphones that was just sold to another American company who evaded taxes on…

    74,000 of these by using international shell corporations for foreign tax loopholes despite being headquartered in Cupertino, CA, US.

    163,000 of these is how much OVER-budget the US went on JUST THE DEVELOPMENT of a next-gen fighter plane that has yet to prove it’s any more effective then the 20+ year old last generation. (This does not include the original budget nor the actual cost of purchasing the planes once they are in production).

    1 of these is what the average American teacher will make after 20 years.

    This is the society we live in. Dumb.


    • One of them? Guess I should have been a teacher and retired at 55 with the world wrapped around my finger.


      • $1 million in 20 years is an average of $50,000 a year. Considering that all teachers have at least a bachelor’s degree and many have masters degrees, that’s not exactly having the world wrapped around your finger.


  2. When I was a kid, that was a lot of money. A Whole Lotta Money, in fact. I’ve now made that several times over and I still have a mortgage. Not what it used to be.


    “Now I can fill up my gas tank!”


    “1 million dollars… next generation’s 100 dollars.”


  4. Oh yeah. Caption Contest.

    “There’s a typo.”

    “That was done on MSWord.”

    “Gimme your lotto money, I’ll cut the odds in half, and I’ll pay you this. You’ve still got a better chance of being struck by lightning, but my deal is better.”


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