Time-lapse video of Stan Musial Bridge at St. Louis

Here are two time-lapse videos of the construction of the new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, St. Louis.  Construction of the bridge which crosses the Mississippi River just north of downtown took several years to complete.  The Stan Span as it’s called locally, opened earlier this year. More about the bridge can be found here.




4 thoughts on “Time-lapse video of Stan Musial Bridge at St. Louis

    • I noticed the river level change in the first one, then watched it closer in the second. As someone that grew up in Missouri, i found that almost more interesting than watching the bridge go up!


  1. MDOT finally did something right, pics of the bridge going up
    I thoroughly enjoyed both videos, thanks for posting them.

    What bridge is it replacing???? if any??



    • None, it’s a new bridge to help ease traffic congestion. And it’s a little north of downtown so you don’t have to go into downtown to cross it.


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