FYI: Jesus was American

Jesus was American

Thanks Miss Silver


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  • ObiWanNeverToldYouWhoYoDaddyIs

    I once argued with a guy from TX who ‘knew’ karaoke was invented in the US;

    I once argued with a store clerk at a GameStop in NJ who “absolutely 100% without a doubt” ‘knew’ the Death Star explosion CGI ring was in the original 1977 version of Star Wars and not added 20 years later;

    I once argued with a woman from Lousiana who ‘knew’ 50% of the world’s population is Chinese.

    I even once argued with a fully grown man in Arkansas who ‘knew’ 1/10 was bigger than 1/8.

    As dumb as some ‘Muricans are, there is something about the FB post that seems fake… or rather made up on purpose to make fun of ‘Muricans. ‘Larry’ is just too dumb to be able to spell “celebrating” correctly.

    • Bikebreath

      Once I had a dispute with a guy over how my last name pronounced. I let him win…it was just too stupid.

  • grumpy

    Jeeze, Get over it; Jesus was 100% Jewish, Paul did most of the rest.

    • Mathman54

      That’s a pretty good Cliff’s Notes version of the New Testament. Excuse me, I mean Grumpy’s Notes.

  • eyeball

    I dunno…all the movies of Jesus I’ve ever seen, he was light skinned and spoke with a British accent. And looked amazingly like Robert Powell.

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