Friday Firesmith – Where is that damn plane?

Friday firesmithIf you’ve never read the book “Helter Skelter” then you will never know how truly close Charles Manson came to getting away with mass murder. One of the murder weapons was found by a child, turned over to the police by his father, and there it sat until the kid and his father raised hell about it being the murder weapon. The bloody clothes used by the killers were found by a film crew for a local television station. A woman who participated in the murders was originally offered immunity to testify against the others. Law Enforcement didn’t come out of that case looking very good at all. But then again, what were the odds that seven people had been killed by someone as harmless as Manson appeared to be, from a distance? What most people really do not realize is that Manson was never convicted for murdering anyone himself.

So here we have a missing jet liner, a huge thing, with a lot of people onboard, and no one really knows that happened or why. Certainly, we all think, with all the spy satellites and military software and the submarines and the thousands of boats out on the ocean at any given time, someone, somewhere, knows something.

But no one does know.

One of the reasons that I’m pretty sure the plane is where the most recent theories claim it has to be is that it isn’t anywhere it might be. India, Viet Nam, and China are three countries where there is a very high level of paranoia about very large flying objects entering their air space. The military people in their country do not like strange planes sightseeing and let’s face it; who does? I think the odds of a plane that size getting into, or close to, one of those countries without getting picked up on radar is remote. Not impossible, mind you, just damn unlikely.

More unlikely is that someone stole the plane, killed everyone inside, and hopes to use it as a weapon, one day. They might have made it to Thailand or Laos, or even Myanmar but then they would have to have a two mile long runway to land on and to take off from again. They would have to hide the plane and 270 bodies. The region would have to be so remote that no one noticed such activity. Not impossible, mind you, but really, really, unlikely.

So let’s say that the plane was taken by the pilot to the Indian Ocean and landed on the water by the pilot for reasons unknown. That covers why no one saw it, no one spotted the runway, and no bodies have been found. It doesn’t cover why, of course, but what really would?

The idea that a well-trained pilot might decide to murder 270 and kill himself with a plane seems as unlikely as anything else offered, doesn’t it?

So here’s the thing; if a well-trained man can take a plane and use it to murder 270 people and no one have a clue as to what the hell just happened for the better part of a month, so far, what’s keep someone in the military, any military, from opening up on a major city with a 40 millimeter Gatling gun or dropping a five hundred pound bomb on a stadium?
Or releasing a Level Four Virus.

Or a nuke.

What? You didn’t know that a couple of years ago someone, no one knows who, released six nuclear weapons, loaded them on a B-52, and had them flown across the country before anyone else realized they were nukes?

Let that sink it a while.

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26 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Where is that damn plane?

  1. Damn auto correct Paul! And thanks for not considering me to me tin foil hat material. But I will bet you good money that 40 days ago 99% of the people here would have thought losing a plane this size would not be possible.

    Yet here we are Paul.


  2. You’re saying exactly what I’ve been saying for weeks now. It’s like somebody robbed the British royal jewels, then tossed them in the English canal. We really need Tom Clancy right now, he could explain this all.


  3. When given the choice between malice and stupidity, always bet on stupidity. It is not 100% true (as the Manson episode shows as an obvious exception), but close enough to make a bet worthwhile.
    Given that, my theory is based on an event that happened with my father just before last Christmas (sorry, Dad). He discovered flames escaping from beside and under the self cleaning oven, so he called 911, tripped all of the circuit breakers in the electric panel, and poured water on the flames. Damn near killed himself, but he had the fire out when the firemen arrived.
    So picture a fire and smoke in the cabin, perhaps from the Li-ion batteries in the cargo hold. One of the pilots investigates while the other turns back for Malaysia. They trip all of the breakers in case it is electrical, and take the plane a few thousand feet higher and drop air pressure to try to put the fire out. They expect to rapidly succeed, drop altitude, restore the radios and return home. But instead, they miscalculate and are overcome by the low air pressure and oxygen in the plane. The plane full of expiring or expired passengers flies on for hours until its path takes it into the Indian Ocean and it runs out of fuel.
    Stupid moves? Yes. But my money is on something like this. Always bet on stupid.


  4. Ed, my money right now is on Danny’s theory. But it doesn’t explain the flight path.

    Okay people… Stupidity, malice, or accident?


  5. But nothing explains why the transponders were turned off and why didn’t the pilot contact ground control. Also, I wonder why not much has been made of the two passengers traveling with stolen passports. What are the odds of that?


  6. And Richard rides in to spoil a good theory, but it had to be done.

    Why the change in flight path?

    Accident and stupidity cannot explain everything it would seem!!


    • Try this explanation on for size. It didn’t happen. When the radar signals were first announced, a big deal was made that it was a difficult echo to decipher. It might have been birds or small planes at different altitudes and distances. If you want a little further evidence, look at a flight path and plot it from the last point where they were heard from, back to Kuala Lumpur. Extend it on, and you end up in he area that is now being searched. And that path would not involve flying at full possible speed to match the satellite pings that were received.
      Malaysia officials like the convoluted flight path, because they look pretty stupid if they admit a passenger jet flew right over the island and they never noticed.
      How does that sound? Again, I am betting on stupidity, although malice sometimes creeps in when covering up stupidity.
      Oh yeah, and turning off all electrical breakers might explain the transponders, although I have no real knowledge about the electrical system on a passenger plane.
      Before I retired, I used to investigate what caused various telephone system outages. The first rule was to ignore all of the explanations that everyone told you, and just look at the overall sequence of events. In an emergency, you would be surprised at the number of times someone thought they were doing something to help, but ended up causing a big disaster with their “emergency response”.


      • Danny, it would seem to me, and again I have no idea how these things work, is that if a fire did break out the first the pilot would do would declare an emergency not kill the transponder, but if the lights went out and it died…

        But how in the hell did it wind up where it might be?

        That seems to be the real question.

        Of course, if it turns out it isn’t there at all….



  7. A couple weeks ago, before the southern Indian Ocean was determined to be the likely location where it went down, I told my wife that they will ultimately find this plane in the deepest water the plane could reach. That’s beginning to look likely. I’m going to add to that now: the plane will be found relatively intact at the bottom of the sea, because the pilot didn’t want it to crash hard and spread debris and bodies all over the surface. I also wonder if the low altitude period might have been the point when the pilot had finished reprogramming the plane’s path and then bailed out. He might now be enjoying all the attention his trick has gotten.


  8. Mike there is a nuke off our coast that fell off of a bomber the experts say its better just to leave it where ever it is


  9. WOW Mike, you are getting better.

    Throw the scare factor into a bunch of useless nonsense and you get noticed.

    Your dream job of a FOX News writer is getting closer.


  10. The way I heard it was Manson was after Terry Melchor. Manson had wanted a record contract . Melchor had told Manson more or less to suck dog****. Pissed off Manson went after him not knowing Melchor had moved out of the house and Polanski had moved in. I’ve seen the pics. Manson and his crew should have been hanged a long time ago…


  11. I just hope they find something soon. Lest that idiot banging coconuts together pulls something off again. Fuck. What an embarrassment.


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