5 thoughts on “Wells Fargo

  1. I love going down to Old Town and checking out the coach on display, imagining what it was like to travel in one of those. Probably a step up from my Ford Pinto.



  2. The cost of affordable housing. . . .

    Giving mortgages to people who should never had gotten them. No income verification, can’t afford, bad credit. . . . .and the problem is the Bank who were FORCED and Threatened with Legal action if they didn’t provide them. Hardly! Besides that, most States require “Legal Representation” when closing on property {a Lawyer or Legal Assistant}. Besides that if you don’t know what you are signing, don’t sign until you do.

    The real culprit is “lib utopianism” not the people who provided you a opportunity.
    Next up. . . “if you like your ____________{<insert lie here}, you can keep your ____________{<repeat lie as often as necessary here}."


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