My Buddy’s Buddy Attacked

My friend Tommy Salami’s mother and her dog Buddy were attacked by another dog earlier today. 


Buddy was in pretty bad shape and had to undergo surgery for his injuries which included a collapsed lung.  His mom was really shaken up but I’m not sure if she was injured or not.  Apparently the police found the dog and its owners and this isn’t the first time this dog has been in trouble.



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  1. How awful! Glad they caught the vicious dog and its owner. Hope they throw the book at them and make the owner pay for the poor dog’s surgery.


  2. This is happening far too often. Our dog was attacked twice in 3 months by the same neighbours’ dogs. Four dogs each time but luckily he didn’t need surgery. Then my dog trainer’s pet was attacked at home and she was also bitten by one of the dogs that she was training. First time in 15 years.
    Just paying for a licence doesn’t seem to be enough. People don’t follow the rules.
    I really and truly hope that Buddy recovers well from his wounds.
    What I can be sure of is that the trauma for Buddy and his Mom will take much longer to heal.


  3. It’s true that wounds heal in time, but as was mentioned above the emotional and mental impact can be harrowing. Here’s hoping that Buddy and Buddy’s buddy are ok and back on their feet in no time.


    • I’m gathering that it was a pit bull from what I’ve read. I think it has more to do with how the dog is raised that the breed. We have a pit bull in our family that is the sweetest, gentlest being. He lives with my nephew and their two young girls and they’re all over him.


  4. That would be so terrifying for all concerned.I really hope they are ok….Some people shouldn’t be allowed to own dogs.Goodluck to them both.


  5. Always carry a pistol when you walk your dog. Unless you live in some leftist hellhole like New YAWK, of course, in which case you get what you deserve.


  6. Dog bites are serious business. I was bit by a pit/lab mutt back in January, and have been fighting a blood infection ever since. 30 minutes of IV antibiotics every 6 hours, every day now for SIX weeks! I had no idea, please be careful everyone. I LOVE dogs, mind you – but have a new-found respect for their potential.

    I’m told that cat bites are even worse.


  7. I do hope Buddy will be OK. Dog-on-dog attacks are much more frequent now than when I was a kid, that’s for sure. People think the laws don’t apply to them, and that they don’t need to train their dogs, but they are wrong on both counts.

    As for pit bulls, I am neither a lover/apologist for the breed, nor a hater. But, it’s NOT just about how they are raised.

    The truth that the pit fanciers don’t want to admit is that the pit bull is bred to kill other dogs. It’s the only breed of domestic dog specifically bred for that purpose. Does that mean ALL pits will kill other dogs? NO, of course not. But you cannot deny the genetics. Anyone who owns the breed needs to understand this, and train their dogs to the highest standard of attention, plus not put their dogs in situations where their instincts will kick in (e.g dog parks with little or no supervision).

    There are many pit bulls and pit mixes that are sweet and loving and “didn’t get the memo” that they are supposed to attack other dogs. But that doesn’t mean the genetics lie.

    You know what else pits were bred to do? Put up with all manner of human stupidity without flinching. The dogmen had to be able to take their dogs home after a fight (if they lived) and stitch them up. Any pit dogs that showed aggression to humans were culled.

    So, the media and most people have it wrong about this “breed.” They are genetically way more dangerous to have around other dogs than around people, in general. That’s why the apologists for the breed ALWAYS, when pits show up in the news unfavorably, cry, “But you should see him with my kids! He’s great!” Most pits are good with people–until their prey drive kicks in, which is why so often we hear of them attacking young kids. Watch how they typically play with other dogs in dog parks (hard charging, slamming, very focused, and hard to stop), and you will not look at the breed the same way again.

    If you take your dogs to dog parks (you really shouldn’t), beware.


  8. I agree with PIle of Pooh, all pet walkers, health walkers or joggers should carry a weapon of some type in case it is needed. Be it an AK-47 or an industrial size (built for bear) pepper spray. It may completely neutralize the threat or just provide you with chance you need to get away. Wishing the best for Buddy and Mom.


    • I haven’t heard anything today. Just going by what I see him post on Facebook. I’ll post any updates.


  9. Hoping for Buddy’s speedy and painless recovery.
    I am a lover of bully breeds. I’ve had several throughout my adult life. Can I honestly say that they would never attack another animal, no I cannot. Every one I’ve had has been very protective, they’ve all had mellow personalities, but protective streaks as well. That being said, as a responsible dog owner, I do not put them in a position where that situation is likely to occur. I have a large fenced in yard of my own where they get to run and play on their own. I don’t let them off the leash around other animals or people, I know the stigma the breed carries, deserved or not. ( It can be debated all week )


  10. Probably wasn’t a Pit Bull. They never do this.

    They are so sweet. It’s the owners fault…. Yada yada.

    I hope the owner gets their ass sued off. ANYONE with a potentially dangerous “pet” (snake, spider, raccoon, aggressive by nature dog, “big” cat, etc) should be sued to the limit if that “pet” causes any harm.

    Stupid is not a defense.


  11. First, hoping your friend and Buddy a quick recovery.

    Second, my best female friend has a pit bull that an ex left behind and I love that dog. She’s an awesome sweet dog.

    Third, I agree with Troglodyke completely.

    You can’t argue with statistics. Pits make up less than 4% of the dog population, yet they account for 66% of all severe attacks or human deaths. Think about that. No product would every be allowed to exist if it had these same statistics.

    Can you imagine a car seat that only accounted for 4% of the car seats out there but accounted for 66% of all infant severe injuries or deaths? That product would get pulled so fast.

    Why is it that we can believe that a certain breed is better at herding or hunting or even sniffing out cancer cells in people, but we can’t believe that a certain breed is better at KILLING?

    There are some numbers that do suggest that the rate of attack is only slightly higher than any other dog. But the difference is while a black lab may bite a child once to let it know to leave it alone, a pit bull will attack and their attack will be relentless. That breed of dog DOES NOT give up.

    Yes, it’s true that some of their owners can be absolute trash and that gives the dog a bad name. The truth is also that just about every incident where this has happened, the owners “claim” that their pit was such a sweet dog and have no idea why it attacked.

    I also personally know a guy down in Texas who was walking his corgi and they were attacked by a pit bull. And guess what? This pit bull was actually a service dog! It was a pet therapy dog that goes into hospitals! It received the best training in the world and yet it attacked and nearly killed him and his corgi. Explain to me how it’s not the breed and how it’s the owner.


  12. Update: Buddy is home. He has multiple punctures, stitches and a collapsed lung. They think he’ll be OK after a while. Buddy’s ‘mom’ is “banged up and bruised as well but she is hard headed and won’t go get looked at”.


  13. Jonco. Please convince Buddy’s Mom to see a doctor.

    Hard head or not she probably needs antibiotics and possible a tetanus update.

    When our dog was attacked in November hubby took a small bite on his thumb and although it has healed and he had all his shots it still aches occasionally. There is also the risk of blood infections which are much nastier.

    Good to hear that Buddy will recover but I can honestly say that I understand what they are going through.


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