Gus & Trixie on the move

I took Gus and Trixie to the new house after we signed all the papers. They both love to go out and go for a ride. 


While we were loading the truck Trixie jumped up in there and was ready to go.  She didn’t want to come out.  Click on images to enlarge.

Move3 Move2  

We’ve always had to walk Trixie on a leash because she would bark at and chase other animals and people.  So, this was the first time they could run free in a fenced yard.  It’s not a big back yard but they seemed to really enjoy it.  And I was shocked that Gus eagerly ran in and out of all the doors of the house.  We still had to coax him into our old house. Weird. 

Move4 Move5

We’ve been moving boxes and smaller items the last two days.  We have a small crew coming tonight to move the bigger items.  I’ll certainly be glad when this is all done and the dust settles.   Speaking of dust, there was a wall and a closet that we really didn’t want so they’re gone now.  Still need to do some drywall, electrical and floor work for that room.



11 thoughts on “Gus & Trixie on the move

  1. OK, now for a few questions: 1. Are you the kind of person who has to get everything unpacked and put somewhere or do you kinda piddle around and unpack over a six month period? 2. How come the garage does not have a driveway?


    • I still have sealed boxes packed from two moves ago – 34 years ago. Does that answer that question. I packed clean underwear somewhere (actually did it twice in 2 different places) until my chest of drawers gets here tonight. I have NO IDEA where they are at this time.
      That “garage” is in the back yard is actually a shed for lawn mower and whatever else I can’t fit in the 4 car garage attached to the house.
      I have no basement about a third of that garage will be for storage.


  2. We just did all that moving stuff, 5th March.
    The house is still full of dazed furniture, wondering what’s going on, every ‘spare’ moment I have is a guilty steal from all the jobs I have on my list.

    Walls are patchworked with tester paint samples.

    I’m finding out just how helpless a handyman the previous owner was, and remedying his botches… There were a zillion nails screws and pins in the drywall, gradually coming out and getting filled, the man had no idea of what’s an appropriate wall-anchor for the expected load, so coathooks, towel rails, toilet roll holders, are all coming out of the wall.

    The master bath floor-tile has to come up, oh my.
    I have such a list that wasn’t there when we moved in.

    On the plus side? The house is in great shape, the yard is my wife’s specialty (landscape architect), and we’re already happy here.
    Truly, I wake every morning with a smile.

    I hope you wake every morning with a smile too.

    Good Luck, and thanks for the blogpost entertainments!


  3. I was hoping you took those car pics while stopped at a light… but nope, i see highway traffic behind you!! Shame on you!!! Don’t do that anymore please. <3


  4. Progress! Your new house will soon to be your HOME! Our last move was piecemeal, too – stuff here, stuff back at the old place while we fixed things up in the new one over 2 months. Won’t do that again – kept missing stuff we needed at both places. It’s been a year and we’re STILL a work in progress, but it’s definitely home. I can let things sit in boxes ’til I figure out where I need them for my “homey-ness plan” or destined for storage. (I pack up & label accordingly). Hubby, on the other hand, is “open every box and put it somewhere.” To me, just have to rearrange it all over twice or more. Funny how animals assimilate to their new surroundings! One of our animals was afraid of the new expanse and jumped right back into his carrier to settle himself down. The other one had a field day exploring. They both now enjoy their new nooks – for napping!


  5. Good for y’all, especially the fenced back yard for the pooches. Territoriality is an important part of a dog’s psychology, so they’re always happiest with a piece of protected land they can call Theirs. Those birds, squirrels, mice and possums will get downright uppity without a dog there to keep them in their places, you know — and dogs take that responsibility very seriously indeed. =)


  6. 4 car garage? I thought you were downsizing? Looks like a real nice place though. Doggies are happy so all must be well. Good luck with finding your underwear and the rest of the move.


    • It’s a 2 car tandem garage (meaning it’s 2 cars wide and 2 cars deep). The shed in the back yard (the size of a small 1 car garage) and the master bath are the things that we really liked about the house besides it’s location. The house is old and some parts are in need of updating which we plan to do when we sell our old house. Hopefully that happens quickly so we’re not saddled with double mortgage payments.


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