Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Weather:  Typical St. Louis weather this week.  Highs from the teens to the fifties.

Forecast Feb 22

Website Issues:  I believe I fixed the previously mentioned database issue on B&P.  The maximum size allowed for databases, which hold all the posts, comments, ratings, etc., is 1 GB {gigabyte} in size.  The B&P database was 3.3 GB in size.  I had a statistical plugin that I had installed but wasn’t really using and one of the components of that plugin had used 2.4 GB.  So I removed that plugin and now my database is at 234 MB in size.  It takes 1,000 MB to equal 1 GB.  So all seems well in B&P Database Land.

Today is Jonco’s Clean Out The Garage Day.

That’s about it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis.  What’s going on in your world?



13 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

  1. Way to go Jonco! Now if you can just figure out the stars at the top of the page? Having my own computer issues. One of my hard drives is going on the fritz. It’s cool that Windows 8 gave me advanced warning but I’m still having trouble backing up my files. Just shows the importance of doing routine backups, I have almost 800GB of files to move on a failing drive.


  2. Technical nitpick, 1GB is 1024MB 😉

    8 bits to a byte, 1024 bytes to a Megabyte (MB), 1024 MB to a GigaByte (GB), 1024GB to a TB …


  3. More balmy weather in SoCal. 1.2 inches of rain total since July 1. Very slight chance of precipitation later this week.


  4. How did the garage cleaning-out work for you? I made deviled eggs for a 50th b-day party and went out, and got out of this house, coz I just wanted to blow it all to pieces. Sometimes you just have to walk away. Apparently I have saved and put away too much crap. That’s what happens when you live in a home too many years. Crap, crap, crap in every nook and …. well,you know. Clearing out your home to sell is very stressful. Yah, I’d sooner blow the f*ck outta it right now.


    • I got one wall organized. It was the easiest to do I think. It was a beautiful day yesterday, but a tad chilly today so I probably won’t work on it today. We also painted an old rusty shed in the back yard. On Friday I took 3 old PC’s, 2 old laptops and about 8 old keyboards to the recycle place. Been taking a lot to Goodwill too and my trash cans are overflowing at every pickup.


  5. Have had issues, too, well no internet tethering for it for the past two weeks. Haven’t been able to visit b&p. grrrr. so hello! Hope i’ll be back regularly, soon.


  6. Nothing like moving to define your needs and lost dreams (well the dream that you WIll use it one day).

    Between moves I use the 2-year rule to help (not eliminate, by any means) clutter. No usey for 2 years: loosey.

    The hardest are those “too good to throw away, I could sell that” things.
    Just give them away, 2 days later you won’t care and wonder where the space came from. Maybe even get a warm fuzzy.


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