The Sochi Olympics, explained in two minutes

The winter Olympics kick off this week in the Russian resort city of Sochi. The quadrennial event always gets attention, but it’s getting a lot more than usual this time around. This two-minute video explains what you need to know about Sochi’s peculiar history, how they’re making the Olympics work and why a lot of people are so worried about security.




3 thoughts on “The Sochi Olympics, explained in two minutes

  1. What could possibly go wrong?

    It’s being reported by numerous news agencies that Russia isn’t prepared for the start. Hotel accommodations are suppose to be a disaster. Putin has ordered Russian Citizens to give up their “pillows” so they have enough for the Athletes and Visitors. Toilets that you can’t put toilet paper into and all sorts of missing light bulbs. Do they have a wing of the EPA there also?


    • I wouldn’t be too upset by the toilet paper issue. In Taiwan, their plumbing is for the squat toilets that do not require the user to need toilet paper; for western-style sit-down toilets, there is a small trash can by the toilet for the toilet paper.

      Yes, the smell is bad if no air fresheners are around–or if the trash can is not emptied frequently.

      I have also seen other places, notably Mexico, that has the same setup.

      So it depends on the types of toilets usually used in Sochi that dictates what one does with the used toilet paper.

      I am more concerned about all the hotels that are not ready: hotel lobbies not built, rooms still be worked on, etc.


  2. Hands up people, if you think the IOC is NOT a bunch of corrupt ol’ boys and there was no, ah, influence?, from, say, the Russian Mafia and Don “Shirtless” Putin.


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