One Inch Of Snow – Coming Soon!

Thanks Tim F & Dan R


3 comments to One Inch Of Snow – Coming Soon!

  • Geo

    That is hilarious!
    And so close to reality you’ll never know. Just the prediction of snow shuts down everything, the government, schools, businesses.

  • Sue Dunham

    Ha ha. We northerners can all have a laff. But their problem is not just a lack of equipment to deal with snow, it’s the social infrastructure. Within an hour of snow we have fleets of ploughs, trucks, police, etc. dispatched to deal with the stuff. They have no-one to coordinate these things.

  • alpo

    Sue, I had rather spend 29 hours in the back of a 2 door Honda Accord with 17 dirty Mexicans ( NO HARD FEELINGS ) in Atlanta, on I75 NB in the snow, than be a despicable Yankee like your self!! So HA! HA! HA!

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