Man Buried Astride His Harley

A motorcycle-loving man’s family has fulfilled his dying wish – to be buried astride his beloved Harley-Davidson encased in a see-through casket.

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3 comments to Man Buried Astride His Harley

  • Jarrod

    What a freaking waste. Nobody on earth could use a beautiful motorcycle? It couldn’t be sold and the funds go towards helping someone somewhere?

    • uhm hum

      oh whatever, the world is full of waste, I’m sure you’re part of it as well. Families with each person having an expensive phone with expensive plan. Television, Starbucks, not packing a lunch, drinking anything other than water, anything name brand vs generics, basically all entertainment. Just think of how much could go towards helping someone somewhere.

      Most motorcycles are waste, nearly everyone I know who owns one has other vehicles, the motorcycle itself was just another luxury to waste money on when they could of been helping others.

      If they did sell it, then couldn’t the person who bought it just have giving that money to help someone instead?

    • JoeBob

      Your wrong… That was probably cheaper than a casket, and less waste left. Everyone saved money except the undertaker.. He lost…

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