has article about half a toilet on B&P

Half toiletAdrienne LaFrance, a reporter for called the other day about a photo that’s been going around recently that purports to come from Sochi Russia along with the other bathroom photos and stories coming from there since the Olympians arrived this past week.  It had been traced (and mentioned) by the Huffington Post as coming from Bits and Pieces last August.  The image of a half-toilet that has been retweeted by thousands of people, including journalists from the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

The Gawker article is debunking the “Bullshit on the Internet This Week”. Here’s a link to the article:

Here’s our original post:

Gawker and The Huffington Post are pretty big sites so it’s nice to get a little recognition.

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6 thoughts on “ has article about half a toilet on B&P

  1. The saying goes “the job is only half done until the paper work is done”. I have heard one is not allowed to flush paper down the toilets in Sochi so I guess one only needs half a toilet.


  2. OMG this is hilarious uproar! Keep having to tell peeps not to believe everything they read/see. (Congrats b&p, tho, for the recognition!)


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