7 thoughts on “Video of Bieber from this morning’s arrest

  1. He’s on a one way trip to Britney Spearsland. Where the hell are his parents in all this??? It’s legal to drink in Canada @ 19 but not in the States. Certainly not legal to smoke pot, take pills and drink & drive. I hope they spank him good this time and HE GETS IT! He’ll be feeling like a smashed egg today after spending the night in Crowbar Hotel. LMAO, Karma…..

    • There is worse news Bella. I heard the he may be deported to Canada for this. 🙁
      I sure hope he gets the OJ defense.

      Speaking of pot, notice the two teams in the Super Bowl are from states will legal pot?
      Now THAT is KARMA…

    • They say he rented the car. A report I saw said he either didn’t have a drivers license or an expired one. I can’t remember which and I don’t care enought to look it up. But I wonder… How do you rent a car with an expired or no drivers license?


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