Red Light Accidents In St. Louis – 2013

Red-light runners are a problem in any major urban area.  American Traffic Systems , the maker of some of these systems, decided to focus on St. Louis in this highlight reel of the “worst red-light accidents of 2013.”

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5 comments to Red Light Accidents In St. Louis – 2013

  • DJ

    Scary stuff. I know I’m a good driver, but I worry about all you other people out there.

    About 13 yrs ago, before dawn, a 23 y.o. jerk crossed the yellow line and drove around a city bus that was stopped at a red light, ran the light at about 25 mph, and slammed my car just behind the driver side front wheel. My car was spun 180° and it distorted my car so much that they had to cut it open to get me out, but thanks to my seat belt and a great car, I wasn’t injured. My car was totaled. The other guy wasn’t wearing a seat belt, and he was somehow thrown into his back seat and he was unconscious. I later learned that his neck and back were broken, he had head & chest trauma, and he died about a week later.

    They never figured out why he did what he did, but the theory was that he was running late for work.

  • peach

    most of these look like they are driving through the red because of inattention rather then trying to beat the light cameras would not solve that problem

    • Tim

      True, but like the so-called “security cameras” they provide evidence of the crime committed for the prosecutors.

  • Pile of Pooh

    American Traffic Systems produces automated camera ticketing systems which they sell to municipalities for hundreds of millions of dollars. They’re hardly a disinterested third party. This is like a solar power company making a video showing a bunch of birds covered in oil.

  • Qoumidan

    Does anyone have any real statistics on the effectiveness of red light cameras? I see a lot of debate, but very little data.

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