If you’re not paying for a service…

If you're not paing for a service

Google, Facebook and other social networks are a good example



5 comments to If you’re not paying for a service…

  • grumpy

    Yep. Those folks you mentioned and others.
    Then there are the ones you pay for: Visa, MC, Amazon, , etc.). They all know far, far more about you than the NSA (or any other country’s communications snoops) could ever hope to know about you.

    You are extremely naive if you think that what the NSA, etc. know is bad and all the rest are benevolent corporations just out to serve your needs for “free”.

    I’m old enough I don’t care, but the “born in to the info age” kids are gonna get spanked real hard as they age.

  • Kevin

    All these free services are about to come to an end anyway. The Feds sided with big telecom and kicked we the people to the curb.


    Expect to see transmission surcharges when using your favorite services. Here’s an example of what it could look like…


  • DJ


  • DrEvil007

    The majority of urban voters are bought by Democrats. Free stuff for votes equals serfdom.

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