Dashing through the snow…

Dashing thru the snow3

 9 inch trixie2

Trixie cautiously inspecting the ruler stuck in the snow to measure the accumulation.  She loved the snow.  Gus, not so much.

Snow removal gus


13 comments to Dashing through the snow…

  • DianaP

    I love pictures of Gus and Trixie! That last picture does look c c cccold…
    That wheeled snow shovel looks like a good invention.

    • Jonco

      It works really well on snows of several inches. I think I waited until the snow was too deep this time. It was a lot harder. I’d say every 3 or 4 inches should be shoveled and it would work fine. We had to use it and regular shovels (and two grandkids) to get the job done.

  • Andy from Beaverton

    So is this your friend from a previous post on the snow shovel or did the guy in your photo buy the shovel after reading your blog?

  • Bella

    I was wondering if that wheelie kinda shovel actually worked? Looks like a gizmo to me? Andy from Beaverton is right, first time I saw one was on here. I laughed then and I’m………now.
    That’s a lot of snow for you guys!

    • Jonco

      Yeah it is a lot of snow… more than we’re used to in one whammy. The last time we got this much was in 1982 I think. Officially we had 13 inches but where I lived it was over 20 inches. It took me a week before I could drive in and out of my driveway.
      We’re getting the bitter cold now (-10F with a wind chill of -20 to -30F) for a couple days to go along with the snow. That’ll break about Wednesday and things will start getting back to normal. Luckily I didn’t have to go anywhere today. I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow but I kinda doubt that’ll happen.

  • Scott

    Can’t really blame Gus for not liking the snow. Being a little guy, he might not enjoy dashing through snow that’s up to his uh… jingle bells.

    • Jonco

      His bells are long gone, but I think it’s just too cold for him. He was limping when I took him out this morning. Trying not to walk on the cold ground, but he went out and did his business like a trooper.

  • Janet

    Love the pictures of Gus and Trixie!

  • Mary

    I love seeing your pups! Dashing thru the snow is a great shot.

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