11 thoughts on “Barging Up The River

    • I had to go back and check…. I took a series of photos and it was definitely going up the river. He was towing the barges. Here’s the first in the series that I took.



      • Looking at the wake in the first picture, he is defiantly backing, which means he is headed upstream. I can see progress from the first picture to the left (which is indeed ‘up’ the river). I stand corrected.

        That’s really weird. but towboats don’t ‘pull’, they push. I can’t imagine any normal situation that would require a boat ‘backing’ upstream. I worked on the river for a couple of years, and a towboats have much less available thrust in reverse.

        There is a new aggregate loading facility at Doe Run just downstream. Those barges are full, so maybe he was pulling them out and couldn’t get on them at the downstream side. You will probably see a lot of barge traffic there in the future.



        • You had me wondering with your comment. I was pretty sure he was headed upstream but had to go back to see the other pictures to confirm it. I also looked towboats and tugboats up online and it said they can push or tow barges. This one was closer to the shore that usual too, so he might have been getting ready to turn it around and then push it upriver. I just didn’t stay and watch it.


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