Art or Vandalism?

Art or vandalism_1

Art or vandalism_2

Art or vandalism_3

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


4 comments to Art or Vandalism?

  • Andy from Beaverton

    It is vandalism if he did not wrap the bark he painted with a fabric or paper. Besides that, I got a dozen great ideas to mess with some minds.

  • To me, this is a pure art form, it’s not as though he’s gone out of his way to ruin the local scenery or deface property, he seems to have just played a mind bending joke on people…

  • grumpy

    It is definitely art.

    Mainly because if someone calls it “art”, then it is art. Your opinion on art is as relevant as your opinion on, “is it art or not?”

    One needs no credentials to call themselves an artist.

    • ChrisInAtlanta

      Not true IMHO. Until recently the quality of an artist – whatever his/her media – was by the quality of his cross hatching in pencil or ink. Today I would reduce that to the quality of his real-life pen/pencil sketches. The ability to create a beautiful, life-like drawing of,say, a face. For example the guy who wrapped the Bundestag (building) in blue fabric. It was art, done by an artist. I didn’t enjoy it or understand it. But his pencil sketches – beautiful! It was art because he is an artist.

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