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Restaurants can no longer add an automatic gratuity to your check after Jan. 1



2 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump

  1. The story about the automatic gratuity reminded me of a story I read in the LA Times. I tried to find a link to it but failed. The author of that article was a restaurant owner who had eliminated tipping in order to provide better service to his customers and wages to his workers. His method was to pay everyone a better wage, wait and kitchen staff both, and eliminate tipping so that all customers would get good service.

    I would think a restaurant with no tipping, just straight wages, would be a lot easier to manage in terms the bookkeeping the IRS is wanting to see.


    • Mathman you have been smoking something (that I might wanna try).
      No one cares what employees get paid. Tips will never go away. They are based on service/friendliness/quality/boobs.

      I’ve never been to an “automatic gratuity” restaurant and would never return if I ever did.

      I believe in fair wages, but most front line people will say, “I earn my tips”.

      As far as “bookkeeping” goes, I’m sure the goodwill the waiters bring more than compensates for the overhead.


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