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Friday firesmithWhen I was a teenager I started writing down my dreams as soon as I woke up. Most of them were disjoined and didn’t make sense, but on occasion I would get a really wild ride. I dreamed one night that I was sitting on a road with my legs out in front of me and I was zoooooming down that road.  I’ve had the same dream but I was sitting in a wooden chair that was just hauling ass down a road. It was a blast.
I dreamed that I was flying once, and had this flying suit on but I kept hitting power lines.

My ability to remember my dreams expanded once I started writing them down and I think my dreams also became more lucid. I recommend against writing your dreams down unless you’re ready for them to become a lot more realistic than you’d probably like. The flying thing is a wonder, trust me, but if you ever get to the point you’re being visited by a ghost, well, it can be disconcerting.

One of the most surreal dreams I have ever had I was sinking into dark blue water and looking up as I sank. I could breathe liquid but it was a little harder than breathing air. I woke up as it got too dark to see the sunlight at the surface and I felt really cold. Years later, watching the film, “Double Jeopardy” there was a scene very much like the one I had dreamed.

What’s your most surreal or favorite dream?

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17 comments to Friday Firesmith – To Dream

  • Grog

    I used to have flying dreams. It was like swimming underwater with big arm movements. I never attained great heights though, maybe thirty or forty feet. Haven’t had one, or at least remembered one, in many years. I wonder if that says something about my mental state. Alternatively, I was married to my first wife back then and might have been trying to escape.

    • Grog, I have often wonder if those who interpret dreams fail to understand how different everyone sees common event and everyday things.

      What is a free flight for one might be a flight to freedom to another.

  • victoria

    perhaps my silliest and most memorable was speeding down the dallas tollway on a stick of juicy fruit gum;)

  • Danny S.

    I took a medication for a few months that stripped all of the imagery from my dreams. Instead, if I had done something like cut the grass or driven the car on the day before, then I dreamed about cutting the grass or driving the car that night. It sounds OK, but it wasn’t. I was sleeping at night but I felt completely unrested when I woke up. When I finally told my doctor, she said she had heard of something similar only once our twice before, but she changed meds and the problem went away.

  • that1chick

    I’ve had the breathing underwater dream. I’ve always been a big fan of the water, I swim every summer as much as I can, so for me this was a very peaceful dream, I woke up feeling very refreshed. If I could have that dream every time I slept, I’ll bet I could get by on way fewer hours sleep than I do now

  • Maxx

    I had a very strange dream where I found a door in my house that I never saw before. I opened the door and it took me downstairs to a different basement than the one I already had. I went down the stairs and saw many types of bicycles hung on the walls. It was a very clean basement and it had a large picture window looking out into the backyard except it wasn’t my backyard. I was in the basement which means that I was supposed to be underground yet there was a large window with a view of someones backyard. The view was of a well manicured lawn that stretched off into the horizon. No trees or anything. Just straight to the horizon and smacked right into the bluest blue sky I had ever seen. No clouds or birds….just blue. Still with me? Now, out in the grass about 20 yards out, sitting in small groups were about 20 chimpanzees. They were just sitting there doing what chimps do. The picture window was quite big. Maybe 7 feet long and 5 feet high and about 2 foot up from the floor. I walked up to it to look out at the chimps and I placed my hand on the glass. As soon as I touched the glass, all of the chimps stopped what they were doing and slowly turned to look at me. All turned at the exact same time and stared at me. In a blink of an eye, 20 crazed chimps started running towards the window, whooping and screaming, raising their fists in the air barreling down on me. I turned and ran for the stairs but all the bikes that were hung on the walls were piled up in front of the steps and I could’t get through. I heard the chimps pounding on the window and my heart was racing but I couldn’t get away. That’s it. The whole dream. Ended just like that. Very strange. I have no idea what it meant.

  • grumpy

    In Hollywood, if you have a bad dream you wake up suddenly in a sitting position covered in sweat.

    In reality, you slowly go from dream state to semi-awake, go WTF, that was weird, roll over and go back to sleep (or not).

    Gotta be the worst “dramatic effect” ever invented in Tinsel Town.

  • Andy from Beaverton

    The most surreal dream I ever had was waking up on a strange planet, with red skys and low gravity. I came across strange creatures that took me hostage. Then I came across two different clans fighting in ships that could fly. There was a beautiful woman who I saved from the battle and after much troubles, I finally married her. But most of all from my dream, I miss my dog Woola.

  • DJ

    I still have dreams about high school, but the school is miles and miles and miles long, with many different levels, endless corridors, wide stairways to nowhere, rooms whose walls are beyond the horizon. I mostly seem to be walking endlessly. In one I’d lost my printed class schedule and was showing up in all the wrong classes. In another I’m lost in the library, which is a tight maze the size of several city blocks, and the lights are out. Usually not many other people in the dreams actually.

    You know how old I am Mike… wtf???

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